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  1. First Ever Inlay - Wooden Dog Pendants with Gorilla Glue

    I had no idea what I wanted to do for this challenge when I first heard about it. I just knew that I wanted to start participating more in the community so I'd feel more connected and less like a young person cut off from all the usual wild young person activities. I'm pretty new in general to...
  2. Stalking Leopard

    Stalking Leopard is a pattern done by Seyit. It is a free pattern at Scroll Saw Village. I cut it in Baltic Birch. This is just off the saw, haven't applied finish or framed it yet. I figure it took me about 15 hours of scrolling.
  3. The Walking Dead Zombie - Scrollsaw Project

    I made this ScrollSaw Picture as part of the #teamscrollsaw vs #teamrouter contest We hosted on the Makers International Podcast for Halloween., there is a video on my YouTucbe channel of how i made it, click here if you wish to view it, Thanks
  4. Crown Top Box

    With the fall fair season rapidly approaching I've been doing a lot of different styles of boxes. This one is cut from maple and purpleheart and finished with several coats of clear lacquer. It measures ~3" Deep x 5" X 5" and was entirely cut on the scrollsaw. The pattern is from the book by...
  5. Scroll Sawn Multi-Layer Butterfly

    I came across an interesting pattern for a 4-layered scroll sawn butterfly, and decided to make 2 of them for my sisters for Christmas 2017 gifts. The base piece is supposed to be a blue color like the sky the butterfly is flying in. As far as I know, there are no blue woods. I tried some...
  6. Scroll sawn jigsaw puzzle

    I had a scroll saw years ago but due to a sudden upswing in my student engineering work never got to use it. So I got another one last year. Aside from the occasional trimming of a piece, never really used it either. Until this week. This is my first proper scroll saw project - a nine piece...
  7. Siamese cat necklaces

    I had requests from my mom and grandma for Siamese cat necklaces like the dog ones I've been doing. I made 4, two for gifts and two to sell. Perfect! The cats are Indian Laurel and maple with a thin backer of walnut since the ears were otherwise too fragile.
  8. Scroll Saw Farm Animal Ornaments

    These are a few scroll saw ornaments I made for Christmas this year. They should fit in nicely with farm animal ornaments already on the tree. In previous years I made a cow and chickens, which you can see in my projects. I kept a donkey and a sheep for my tree and gifted the rest to...
  9. Snowflake Ornaments

    These are few snowflakes that I cut on my scroll saw. On the last one I decided it was just a little too much white so I outlined it in metallic silver. The sliver will shimmer if the light catches it right, though I wasn't able to capture it with the camera.
  10. Old Prospector

    This is another Charles Dearing pattern. 1/8" BB using FD 3/0 spiral blades. Seems like I pick a lot of patterns of old men with wrinkled faces.. Wonder why… maybe self portraits??
  11. Portrait of my Grandfather

    This is an 8×10 portrait of my grandfather that I made for him as a gift. I edited out his name for privacy reasons, but it simply says his name and Master Scroller. This portrait, I'm proud to say, is now hanging in his workshop right above his scroll saw. I have also uploaded the original...
  12. Memorial Portrait of my Grandmother

    After making a memorial plaque for my grandfather, my aunt told me she wanted one too. Being the type of person to like surprising people, I decided instead to make this for her. This is an 8×10 portrait, and I included the image used to make the pattern. Portrait cut from 1/8" thick Baltic...
  13. Vintage Louis XV Photo Frame

    This photo frame is one of my personal favorite items that I offer in my Etsy Shop. It has an antique elegance to it's design, and is free standing. This frame is cut from 1/4" Baltic Birch and is designed to hold any 4×6 photo. (Frame backing made from a combination of 1/8" and 1/16" Baltic...
  14. Wooden Flower and Vase

    The vase is made from maple and baltic birch, the flower is made from pine. The curved petals are made using whats called a compound cut. Each petal comes from a 1" x 1" blank.
  15. Star Ornaments

    These are a few star ornaments I cut on my scroll saw. The one with red is hand painted, while the entirely white one is spray painted.
  16. Slotted Star Ornament

    Another Christmas ornament I cut on my scroll saw. This ornament was designed by Sheila Landry, a wonder scroll saw pattern designer who is also a member here on lumberjocks.
  17. Travel Tic-Tac-Toe Game

    I just realized that I have mentioned that one of my patterns was features on Steve Good's blog, but that I never actually posted it as a project. Well here it is :) This simple tic-tac-toe game is 5 1/2" x 5 3/4", 3/4" thick (with the lid on), and features a simple sliding dovetail lid. The...
  18. Yuletide Hijinx

    My neighbor has two adult children that I've known for the better part of their lives. The daughter attended and graduated from my alma mater, South Dakota State University. The son, on the other hand, attends and is soon to graduate from the University of South Dakota. USD would very much...
  19. Toy Keys from Real Cars

    Set of oversized wood toy keys for my grandson - they're about twice the size of real keys. We're into cars, so I took our actual car keys and cut each toy key with the same grooves, flats, and shape as the real keys. It was fun to make and kind of funny to put that detail into something a...
  20. Battlefield Cross USMC

    I made this wall hanging for the Rocky's Run for Freedom 5k in Miamisburg, OH as an auction item. Paul "Rocky" Zanowick II gave his life serving our country a few years back and this 5k run is in his honor. Won by a woman who was buying it for her veteran father for Fathers Day!
1-20 of 56 Results