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  1. A portrait I did for some friends

    I did this portrait late last year, just didn't post it. I'm starting to get away from doing portraits now, guess they get boring after a while. I'm working on my first Intarsia project and I have to say, it's really fun, except for all the sanding! But one has to take the good with the bad. If...
  2. Scroll Saw - Eldest son's prom night

    Here is a pic I scrolled this evening. This is our eldest son's prom night. The scrolled image doesn't have the flower but I will be putting that in once it's mounted to it's permanent back ground. Roughly 2.5 hrs of scrolling. Once again, #2 spiral blade. (PS. I have the video created for...
  3. Blogs
    Part 1 - Pre Video Hello everyone, As promised, I am going to do a blog as well as a video on how we can get a photo from portrait to pattern. The model for this portrait will be Marnie. A friend of ""The Newfoundland Wood Workers Facebook...
1-3 of 3 Results