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    As promised here are some more of my wood burning projects. For the colors I used colored pencils and then clear over everything so they can be cleaned. The Highwaymen took me about seven days to complete.
  2. Power Tool Storage Shelf

    This is a hybrid between several projects including a ShopNotes version. I was tired of having to reach for a power tool down in a cupboard when I needed it. The many versions of the ABS pipe storage shelf did not say how to mount the pipe to the shelf. I made a jig to accomplish this. Then I...
  3. Vacuum & Dust Collector Stand

    This is another shop project to reclaim my shop and its functionality. The home made dust collector is new and in the way. One of the casters on the vacuum was broken, and I couldn't find a replacement. There is no weight but there may be torque when it has to be moved so I used 2 pieces of 1/2"...
  4. Hand Tools
    I posted this to my Blog but figured others in the North East looking into winter classes might be interested. Matt the instructor said they would be adding dates in the next week or so for Feb thru the spring. Joe One of the skills I've been working on as time permits is saw sharpening. Like...
1-4 of 4 Results