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scott shangraw

  1. Walnut Rocking Chair

    Walnut Rocking Chair

    Here is my lastest rocking chair that I just finished up and delivered to a customer in OK.Client wanted all black walnut with no other accents in contrasting woods which is a little different than my normal chairs. Finish is a mix of Tung,Linseed and Poly. "Want to learn how to make this...
  2. Walnut with Purple Heart rocking chair

    Walnut with Purple Heart rocking chair

    Walnut w/purple heart rocking chair-Here is some pictures of a recent rocking chair.Wood is Black Walnut with Purple heart accents.I did something different with this one and wrapped the leg/seat joint with the purple heart also. The purple heart is also inlayed into the runners. "Want to learn...
  3. New Carved Sculptures

    New Carved Sculptures

    These are our newst carved sculpture pieces, with the exception of "Twister". Twister and Lilly of the Valley were posted earlier, but we finally were able to get professional photos done of it. It's such a magnificent sculpture and these photos are much better than mine. The other pieces are as...
  4. Carved Vessel-

    Carved Vessel-

    Its been a while since I have been able to get back to carving these vessels ,I've forgotten how hard they are. I start the process with a chainsaw then go to various carving grinders and a lot of sanding.The wood is cherry and it stands about 20" tall. We called this one "Margarita Ville"...
  5. Carved Elm Bowl

    Carved Elm Bowl

    Here's another carved bowl this one is carved from Siberian Elm.It sits about 18" tall and about 22" long.The turquise is inlayed in the natural cracks. This one is called "Forest Mussel". see also Elm Canyon Offspring Margarita Ville
  6. Carved Juniper Vessel

    Carved Juniper Vessel

    This is the last of the three large vessels I just finished carving for an art show in CA this week.This was the BIG one.The wood is alligator juniper stands about 28" tall and about 28" at the largest diameter.I carved in from two different directions making it a pretty challenging piece.When I...
  7. New Mexico Porch Rocker

    New Mexico Porch Rocker

    Yes this is another new rocker design. We have been busy. What was supposed to just be a simple square looking porch rocker for a family member, turned out to be more. We decided we wanted to go ahead and market a simplified lower priced rocker. This rocker still has some handshaping in it, but...
  8. Mesquite Hall Table

    Mesquite Hall Table

    We've been wanting to do this mesquite hall table for some time. We used two natural mesquite slabs to create the top and the middle piece. The bark was removed, leaving the natural curves. The legs are bentwood lamination and the middle piece is sandwiched between them. Since mesquite has...
  9. Mesquite Carved Vessels

    Mesquite Carved Vessels

    These are new carved vessels that were completed for our last mesquite show and are now headed to England, along with a ribbon sculpture and the Shangrila Rocker. In an effort to promote mesquite products overseas we sent a few pieces to display and sale. We're excited to go global and confident...
  10. Mesquite Carved Ribbon Sculpture

    Mesquite Carved Ribbon Sculpture

    "RIBBON DANCER" as it's called is one of our newest creations. Made from mesquite, this sculpture is still a mystery to me on how Scott made it. I watched him from start to finish and still don't know how it's done. First mesquite was glued up in a large block in a few stages using the vacuum...
  11. Carved Ribbon bowl

    Carved Ribbon bowl

    carved mesquite bowl
  12. Juniper Canyon Carved Vessel

    Juniper Canyon Carved Vessel

    This commisioned piece was made out of forest reclaimed juniper from out mountains here in NM. It was approximately 20" T x 18" L x 7" W. It was created first with a chainsaw and then grinders were used to finish the shaping. Turquoise was inlayed into the natural cracks and voids. This piece...
  13. Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker

    Stephanie's Bent Wood Rocker

    Made from Black Walnut and Mesquite Well this new rocker design is out of Scotts head and in full life form now. What a work of art this turned out to be. I was blown away when I saw it all complete. And once I sat in it and it formed to me perfectly, I was in love. He really out did himself...
  14. "Holy Grail" Pierced Sculpture

    "Holy Grail" Pierced Sculpture

    "Holy Grail" is our first sculpture to pierce and what a job it was. It took a lot longer than expected to create all those holes and then reshape them. Scott earned the nickname "Holy Man" because all he did for days is drill and shape holes. But boy did this piece turn out spectacular. It...
  15. Juniper Elk desk and chair

    Juniper Elk desk and chair

    Juniper Elk desk and chair- This is another of our "Theme" desks. Each desk is one of a kind and has unique features. All this wood is forest reclaimed wood from forest clean up (alligator juniper).The low back chair is a Sam Maloof inspired piece.The desk has redwood burl drawer fronts and...
  16. Milky Way

    Milky Way

    It's been a long time since I've made a post or even been on here. I will work on updating my info and doing some more post. But in the mean time here is one of my latest craving made fro Walnut. Carved using chainsaw and several types of grinders.q
  17. woodwhisperer inspired end table

    woodwhisperer inspired end table

    Here's an end table I just finished for a wedding gift. The top is made from 10/4 curly maple with strips of butternut mixed in. The legs were made from 5/4 (i'm not sure what type of wood if anyone can help me out on that one) that was doubled up trying to bookmatch the grain to make them two...
  18. Black Walnut Table Set and Buffet

    Black Walnut Table Set and Buffet

    Our most recent project was a big one. It consisted of a pedestal table with two captains chairs, four armless and a buffet. Everything was made from gorgeous black walnut. The incredible figure in this wood was stunning. The table base was hand shaped with a unique joinery on the bottom. The...
  19. Mesquite Green & Green dinning chairs

    Mesquite Green & Green dinning chairs

    Mesquite Green & Green dinning chairs-It's been a while since I have been on LJ I have spent the last two weeks trying to complete this table set. I told the customer I would get it to them by Christmas now looking back it was an unrealistic deadline. I basically did nothing but stay in the shop...
  20. Mesquite Extension Dining Table

    Mesquite Extension Dining Table

    Mesquite Extension Dining Table-Here is the table I will post more detail pictures when my photographer gets done with them.The base is six bentwood legs tied together in the middle with a round piece inside.The top is 56" diameter and expands to accept a 20" leaf.All is inlayed with...