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  1. Woodsmith Magazine Scissor-Lift Workbench

    I made a modified version of the Woodsmith Magazine Scissor-Lift Workbench (Vol. 37 No 217 page 20). It's embarrassing, but when I started the project, I was focused on how this was going to be a great downdraft table. Even though it says it in the title of the magazine article, I didn't...
  2. Blogs
    BUTTERFLY TUTORIAL Part 1 Here is the first part of the promised BUTTERFLY Blog to go with the project post . I will start with a sketch of the clear plastic templates which is a set of four pair and a indexing ruler . I am giving the sizes for the...
  3. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    If you're not rich like I am, I can't afford the top of the line router table with an adjustment for your router built in. An old scissor jack works great. I have a shelf below my boughten router table, Home Depot 100.00 Wolfcraft that I installed myself. I set the scissor jack under the router...
1-3 of 3 Results