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  1. Halloween Relief Sign

    Hey all, This was my first hand routed raised (Relief) sign. I drew up a quick pattern idea in photoshop this morning and went to work. The wood is 3/4 whitewood from HD. I glued on the pattern and routed out the detail with a 1/8 straight bit, and routed the rest with a 1/4 round nose bit for a...
  2. Potting Bench for my Wife

    I haven't done much woodworking this summer, it's hard to be in the shop when the weather is nice outside. Put together this potting bench a couple of weeks ago for my wife's birthday. Overall a fairly simple project, I didn't feel the need to mortise and tenon all the joints! The bench is cedar...
  3. Cherry Wardrobe

    Completed December 1990. This cherry wardrobe is inspired by some pieces I saw featured in Fine Woodworking. Interior parts and drawer sides are of poplar. All drawers are half-blind dovetailed with a Leigh dovetail jig. The interior drawer frames are assembles with mortise and tenon joints...
  4. Power Tool Tower Storage

    An awesome find from "Wood" mag! Of course the unit is fully complete until it gets a nice coat of my favorite colors, but for now, the storage is out performing my expectations! If you have a small shop, this is a project for you.
  5. Googie Vase

    I made this as part of a woodturning challenge on reddit. Essentially, it's a bowl form, but rather than put the blank on the flat side to make a round bowl, I mounted the blank on the edge and turned the bowl that way. I cut the lid off the completed model with a hacksaw and hollowed it out as...
  6. Wood Pumpkin for Halloween

    Build Instructions and additional pictures: This triangular pumpkin lantern could be a nice addition to your Halloween décor. To give the lantern an aged timeworn look, the rustic finish uses multiple layers of paint, rough sanding and...
  7. Blogs
    Scary Sharp Method so just like every other woodworker at one point (what's up with the other every other woodworkers is beyond me…) I was researching and learning about ways to sharpen my chisels, planes, and other blade tools in the shop. Since I am the weekend warrior at this point, and I...
  8. Blogs
    sharpness: or how sharp is too sharp? Sharpening: gives me headaches just thinking about it! Not because it is difficult! It is NOT! but it is the prime example of a place where every effort to "simplify" or make it easier has resulted in More confusion and More difficulty! it started at...
  9. Blogs
    How NOT to cut small piece of Brass Made a little video with the mistake I made while cutting a piece of brass… Luckily I wasn't hurt and learned my lesson hopefully you learn something too. View on YouTube
  10. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    Here is an 80 year olds First jump... (a little more than 2 min. video) Anyone STILL want to do it? LOL
  11. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    While vacuuming my basement today, I accidentally sucked up a packet of hardware screws. They were tightly bound together, and I guess it was like sucking up a metal ball. My ridgid WD1670 I think it's that model, well, it has this guard that protects the pleated filter from materials flying...
  12. Marketplace Classifieds
    I bought this unit with the thought that I would be moving to a bigger shop but that isn't in the cards now. The unit has collected one bag of dust so it's "like new". It also has the optional noise suppressor. Felder equipment is expensive. I'll list the highlights that attract people to...
1-15 of 15 Results