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  1. Gossiper Table/Sit Conversion

    Gossiper Table/Sit Conversion This kind of arrangement in my country it's called a "gossiper". It normally has an upholstery soft sit at its lower deck where you sit and talk over the phone. When I was half way into this project I changed my mind and converted it to something more practical...
  2. Rough Country Jeep

    A commissioned Christmas gift for a special young man. Body is solid Mahogany, Axles are Oak, I had to use Baltic Birch ply for the windshield after 3 tries with various woods. The driver and passenger have magnets in their butts, and I put a magnet in the seat, they cannot occupy each others...
  3. How to make a $50, A2 scanner for $200.

    Hi Lumberjocks and Jockettes, As with my previous "Wheel kerfing jig" I was in two minds whether to publish this article as it is primarily centered around laser cutting (or one of those radical CNC machines). The missus advised me against it so while her back was turned, I took a couple of...
  4. Designing Woodworking Projects
    The LOML wants a printer / scanner table with the printer on the top shelf. She wants the lower shelf holding the scanner to pull out and lift up to the level of the top shelf. Anyone know of hardware that will do that? Thanks for the help. Bob
1-4 of 4 Results