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  1. Horizontal Drill Press

    This is what you have to do when your bench top drill press just isn't man enough. It does drill straight holes.
  2. Blogs
    Wheeler, Madden & Clemson Back saw I purchase this saw in a pile of stuff. The goal was to restore it and use it. Here is how I did it. This is how it started. I took it apart and covered it with rust remover. I haven't been able to find evaporust locally. I've tried Tractor supply and...
  3. Blogs
    The Slippery Slope I have been on this website for about a year and a half now and posted many projects and forum topics, but I've yet to write a single blog post. So here it goes. :-) Over the past year or so I've been incorporating more and more hand tools into my arsenal. Lumberjocks is...
  4. Blogs
    And then there were two. I decided to dedicate my time this winter to restoring various saws I've acquired over the past year. I'll be restoring half-rip saws, panel saws, tenon saws, carcass saws and dovetail saws from a variety of makers, dating from the 1840s up to the 1960s. Now don't worry...
  5. Blogs
    Very Experienced Disston Handsaw I picked up a Disston num 12 full size 26-in handsaw a couple days ago at a flea market for $7.50. Based on Disstonion I am guessing the age at 1920-28. It needs considerable work but I thought I would give it a shot. It has 10-ppi and is marked with a 0 (not a...
  6. Blogs
    Restoring an 1840s Conrad & Roberts Handsaw Conrad & Roberts was a mid-nineteenth century hardware store at 123 N. Third St., Philadelphia. They can be found in Philadelphia directories at least as early as 1840. Based on the style of this Conrad & Roberts handsaw, and comparisons to other...
  7. Hand Tools
    Does anyone here have any experience with removing split nuts from an old saw? I have a 24" back saw I bought for cutting tenons that I am going to restore and resharpen but I have never tried to remove a split nut from a saw handle before and I don't want to ruin the thing before I get a...
1-7 of 7 Results