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  1. Saw file handles out of meranti?

    Needed some handles for saw files. Had some meranti? and a new lathe. I guess it was meant to be! In the beginning Inlayed a bit of maple on the end to see how hard it was. Next time I'll leave a center mark instead of finishing it, then trying to center and drill it. Had a pretty...
  2. Blogs
    And then there were two. I decided to dedicate my time this winter to restoring various saws I've acquired over the past year. I'll be restoring half-rip saws, panel saws, tenon saws, carcass saws and dovetail saws from a variety of makers, dating from the 1840s up to the 1960s. Now don't worry...
  3. Blogs
    Saw vise build I have been in desperate need of a better way to hold my saws for sharpening. My old setup( two sticks of wood ~26 inches long which I would clamp onto saw plate and my vise) was simply not cutting it (sawing pun intended). I thought about purchasing vintage, but everyone always...
  4. Hand Tools
    Im not much of a ranting person but I want to share my little story here with the group. Ive been attempting to purchase files for sharpening hand saws and with the global supply of saw files at a minimum I turned to McMaster Carr after everyone else was out of stock. Now, ive never purchased...
1-4 of 4 Results