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  1. Saw Blade Holder

    I have some pretty nice saw blades for my table saw and miter saw but unfortunately I just keep them in a pile in my cupboard. Not only does it make it hard to find the one I'm looking for but I'm sure it's not good for the blades. This box should do the trick to solve both problems. Here's a...
  2. Saw Blade Storage

    Earlier this summer the hinges and clasps on the plastic dado blade box finally broke off. Not too bad for 10+ years of use. About the same time, I was reorganizing shop storage and wound up without a home for the saw blades. There were a couple of boards of American Chestnut that I had been...
  3. Coffee table

    Walnut slab coffee table. Pretty simple project considering I did not have to make the legs.
  4. Saw Blade Organizer

    Something to build with the scrap in my shop -a saw blade organizer. I used 1/2" dowel for the blade arbor receivers (5/8" dowel out of the box was too tight). The handles and blade supports in the drawers are from 3/4" red oak I had laying around. I made the handles on the band saw, then...
  5. Simple Saw Blade Storage

    This is a simple saw blade storage system that I made to store my table saw blades and chop saw blades. It is nothing more than a scrap piece of wood on the bottom that I drilled a hole for a 1/2" dowel to fit in (picture 2). Then I cut a bunch of 3" x 3" pieces of hardboard with a hole in it...
  6. Miter-guage Fence w/ Extension

    Just saw the article on this in the current Wood Magazine (Dec/Jan 2011/2012) and had to have it. I had a good sized piece of Ash scrap lying around that was perfect for the job. It wasn't exactly clear from the article how the "adapter" was connected to the actual miter-guage. As you can see I...
  7. Pivot hinge box

    This is my first attempt at a pivot hinge box and veneer. The box has Red gum sides and a red gum veneer panel inset into an white oak frame.
  8. Clock

    This is my project that I made when I first started competing. I did not place any thing, but I was only 11. This is also a original design. This is made from pine.
  9. Saw Blade Holder

    This was a fun little project I made for my dad a few months ago. It was in one of my woodworking mags a while back. It's a saw blade holder that hangs on the wall via a french cleat. It's made mostly of baltic (russian) birch, with a few pieces of pine in the dado cuts. The pull-outs stop at...
  10. Dining table with crazy top pattern

    Woods: 8/4 - hard maple, bubinga, Purple Heart, jatoba, leopard wood, African mahogany, American walnut, iroko, zebra wood, padauk, wenge ~500 biscuits (these guys are a life saver) Sanded to 1000 grit Total weight ~300kg My wife's desire for this table came from Ariele Lasko's designs...
  11. Gransons Steam Train Shelf made of Oak and Walnut

    This a picture of a steam train shelf . Our daughter inlaw brought a scrap of paper with a few scetches on it of a train shelf and wanted to know if I could make a train shelf . I said I would give it a try and this is what I come up with . I started with a oiece of 1/2 inch veneer plywood and...
  12. "Build Me A Potting Table", she said.....

    Made from the same cedar tree as the pellet stove fuel box.
  13. Just couldn't pass it up clock

    Have you ever gone to the lumber yard and seen a piece of wood that you just thought was too pretty to pass up? Well this happened to me a while back but the trouble was it was only board and not very big. I bought it anyway and had it sitting in my shop for quite a while trying to figure out...
  14. Kiaat music box

    Music box made from kiaat, an African wood. Top and bottom is Spanish cedar for a nice smell. Finish is Tried and True varnish oil and paste wax. Hinges are from Rockler and latch is from Amazon. The musical movement is from N.J.Dean company: And...
  15. Frame saw blade

    Hi, I know this project is not made of wood but it will be cutting wood. I made this blade two months ago. I ordered 1095 steel sheet of 100 cm x 7 cm and 0,8 mm to make a 32 in. frame saw blade. A used a blackburn tools template for 4 1/2 ppi and with the help of two files I made it. It took me...
  16. Mahogany Coasters

    Super simple Honduras Mahogany coasters. Had some old Mahogany lying around and thought I would use it up. Just some nice, square, no frills coasters. Finished with shellac and General Finishes High Performance WB Poly (Satin). Added some rubber feet for ultimate coaster grip!
  17. Padauk box

    padauk, maple, 'marble' birch, santos rosewood oil, wax
  18. 2 Drawer panel blanket chest

    This was my first attempt using pallet wood to make furniture . Got lucky and got some 7' x 3 ½ " x ¾" boards of white pine which made it easy to do this project but the pulling nails and sanding and staining and some polyurethane . 100 % recycle wood
  19. Shop towel- Bench dog

    Finding a place to mount a shop towel rack close enough to the work bench was becoming a head scratcher so… Using 3 1/2" x 3/4" poplar and 3/4" red oak dowel a rack was made so that it could use the dog holes in the work bench. The holes were bored with a 3/4" forester bit then the dowels were...
  20. Mothers day gift for daughter

    Daughter always wanted a poke-a-dotted vase so I made this for mother day for her.
1-20 of 55 Results