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  1. Cradle

    Following my dad's footsteps, I modified a design and built a cradle for our 1st grandchild due in May. The pads & things require one of two basic dimentions 32×16 or 36×18, I went with the larger. All joined, pegged & glued not a screw in it.
  2. Cheap and simple bench vise

    It's a bit pathetic compared to a real bench vise, but it works and it's good enough for me.
  3. Picnic Table for 2

    New gesign for a pincic table, I made it for 2, but if you make it a little wider, it could accomodate more. It has a foot rest and the entry if easier. I have a free plan available with a cut list, but it is in french. The plan can be loaded at ...
  4. Hand Tools
    One of the planes I have from my GG-father is a Sargent, so I have been recently exploring eBay and picked up another "user" as well as David Heckel's book on these planes. In an attempt to better myself and my knowledge about Sargent & Co. I try to follow the eBay postings on a regular basis...
  5. Hand Tools
    After acquiring a few Sargent Block planes I've grown a fondness for the little guys. I noticed it was hard to find information on some Sargent planes. There doesn't seem to be a spot with #'s and pictures together so I started to build one. If you have pictures of Sargent planes (especially...
  6. Hand Tools
    I have been sitting on this information over the past two years, and after re-reading my personal emails, I realized that what Charles shared with me was NOT published and was thus copyright free. Charles authored the Shaw's Patent Type Study in David Heckel's ID Guide. His full name is in...
1-6 of 6 Results