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  1. Projects Santa from Start to Finish

    This Santa began with a sketch on a block of wood. The wood was 3 x 6 x 12 inch basswood. I next cut it out with a bandsaw. Then I started the time-consuming removal of waste wood. I didn't take photos of the santa clamped to my workbench so I could use by gouges on it. Because of...
  2. Santa's Elf with Hand Truck

    This is one of Santa's Elves, moving presents around the warehouse using a hand truck. The Elf is carved from basswood, stands 5.5 inches tall, and is painted with acrylics. Claude
  3. Santa Penguin

    This little 6 inch tall penguin was carved from a photograph of a Dwayne Gosnell carving. Basswood, acrylic paints. Claude
  4. Santa with Bird and Hiking Stick

    This is a Santa with a cardinal bird and a hiking stick. Santa is about 7 inches tall, carved from a block of basswood, and painted with acrylic paints. Original pattern by Steve Brown was 6 inches tall; I increased the size to 7 inches when I carved this one. Claude
  5. First Santa Carving

    I started to learn carving a few weeks ago and have lots to learn. Today I found a you tube video on carving a simple santa and I gave it a try. I need a few lessons in painting as well. Oh well, practice, practice, practice. Thanks.
  6. Christmas Carvings

    Christmas Carvings I have done. Picture 1 is a copy of a laughing Santa head that laughs when you walk by it. This is white pine wood with a clear coat finish. Picture 2 and 3 are from Tina Toney's carving booklet. The crooked tree is a variation of another tree I saw in a picture. Picture 5...
  7. Santa's

    Here are 3 Santa's that I carved from a blanks that I turn. All 3 are done in basswood. Starting with a turned blank helps to keep the carving round and gets rid of a lot of the waste wood fast.
  8. Resume for Santa... Built-In Corner Media Cabinet

    Dear Santa, I know I haven't written in a while, been super busy being a grown-up and all, you know how it goes… but now I have two little guys that are completely enamored with you. You bring joy into our home two months out of the year and I thought it would be awesome if I worked for you the...
  9. Holiday Door decorating contest at our school

    Here is my woodworking classes' entry into our schools door decorating contest. We have an unfair advantage that I will exploit to win (anything to win is almost my motto). We are an outbuilding that was connected last year by a corridor, most of the doors in the school open up into the...
  10. Santa with a Train

    This little Santa is about 5 inches tall and is holding a toy train for some lucky child. Carved from basswood, painted with acrylics. Claude
  11. Eucalyptus Burl Small Jewelry Box

    This was a quick project that I used to hone some more inlay techniques. I turned this small jewelry box and inlayed the initial of the person I was making it for in the top from black ebony. It was my second turning. I think I'm addicted.
  12. Santa Ornaments ala mpounders

    Carving something out of a block of wood has always been amazing to me. I tried my hand with the shoe challenge last year and did alright. Now mpounders put together a 3 step tutorial blog on how to carve these little santas with big teeth and no eyes. The tutorial was great and I am pleased...
  13. Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    One of my recent projects completed. I am pretty happy with the outcome of this one. Basswood painted with acrylics.
  14. Santa Bear

    I tried to make this Santa Bear look a little deeper and more rounded. Still not real happy with it, but working on another that should fix that happiness thing. Still working with only cedar. (Not even sure what kind of cedar cause Home Depot employees don't know.) Have to stain or paint a lot...
  15. Christmas in July

    I know….it's a bit early for Santa… but he is feeling a bit antsy and ready to show his face again :) I carved this Saint Nick in a piece of Cottonwood bark. He is 14" tall, 3" wide and 1 1/2" thick. This carving is made from a single piece of bark, and is carved and painted entirely by hand...
  16. AA Santa

    This was my second African American Santa ornament. I was rather pleased with how he turned out. He sold immediately so I guess the new owner liked him too. He was carved in basswood and I used a "stain" of chocolate brown acrylic paint and acrylic sealer to give his face a rich brown coloring.
  17. Jointed Santa

    This Santa is jointed to make it easy for you to pose him with your holiday decorations. He is wearing his red long johns and is just waiting for the elves to load up his sleigh for the December 24th ride. He was carved from my own pattern and was both hand carved and machine carved.
  18. Santa

    I carved this Santa from a small birch log last Christmas. The birch was still green so it was quite easy to carve. The Santa is about 35 cm (14'') tall and is put outside our front door during Christmas together with an antique lantern.
  19. Dave Stetson Santa Carving Class Finished

    Here's the completed carving from the Dave Stetson Santa carving class I completed a couple of weeks ago, along with some progress photos. Dave is a great instructor, and the Zoom classes were interesting and useful. He has his phone mounted vertically above his carving table, and has iPad or...
  20. Santa and Baby

    Just finished a special request from a customer. She sent me a photo and asked me to make a carving of it. Santa is 8 inches tall, basswood, acrylic paints. Claude
1-20 of 97 Results