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  1. More K-Cup Storage

    Another K-Cup storage crate. Made this one look something like a shipping crate with graphics on the sides…..
  2. Salvaged Wood Console Table

    My son took down an old post and beam house and I was able to get my hands on some of the hand hewn wood!!
  3. Factory crate coffee table

    Salvaged factory shipping crate made into a coffee table with storage on caster wheels…..
  4. Live Edge Maple Bench Light Spalting

    5' long, 14" wide, and 17" tall, this live edge Maple bench is assembled with mortise and tenon joints. I used the outer slabs from the log to form the vertical legs, and ripped another live edge flitch down the middle to create the cross support. There were only two cracks that went through the...
  5. Reclaimed Router Table On A Budget

    I have been wanting a router table for quite some time now, but anything decent has a huge price tag and is completely out of the question on a "real life" budget. I started researching homemade units on LJ and googling it and checking out pictures and plans. I finally took my inspiration from a...
  6. Mirrored coat rack.

    I made this using cedar salvaged from a deck and mirror someone was throwing out.
  7. This table has Issues!

    I made this Cribbage table from a slab of broad leaf maple. It was salvaged from a tree that fell in my parents yard several years ago. The slab is about 2.5" thick 44" long and 16ish inches wide. It sits on 16" hairpin legs. The pegs are turned from Purple Heart and Black limba. So, there is...
  8. Buster Bass

    This was a project that was originally made for a Benefit auction for the local PBS station in Rhode Island. All the wood in this bass is reclaimed except for the leopardwood fretboard. The body is made from a reclaimed red oak door that was given to me and the neck is reclaimed hard maple from...
  9. Wood Rocker ,lumber from Reclaimed privacy fence

    This is a rocker built from reclaimed pressure treated lumber, thanks for looking
  10. Black Adirondack Chair salvaged

    Saved a pair of adirondacks from the landfill a few weeks ago. Finally found someone to buy them and they wanted the chairs painted black. I thought the idea was crazy since it would be so hot in the summer, but I think the chairs look awesome in front of the house so my next chairs may end up...
  11. Live edge Step stool

    Step stool made of salvaged cherry wood. I wanted to keep the live edge.. Thanks for looking.
  12. Walnut mini shelf

    This was made from salvaged materials. Walnut from the firewood lot, the mahogany was flooring. There is some Paduk in the project that was salvaged from some guys scrap pile.
  13. Walnut carving

    This is the project that got me into wood working. It's made from walnut. I spent a few months hacking away at.
  14. Candle holder

    There is not much to say about it, it's made from walnut, and batu. It holds those small tea candles.
  15. Pallet to Planters

    My first pallet wood project! I've had the pallet sitting in the pole barn for about six months. Wood is maple, very splitty and splintery. I needed a few cheap planter boxes to temporarily hold divisions from my raspberry patch. Since the maple was split at the nails and impossible to easily...
  16. Baby Gift

    Our good friends and neighbors are about to have a baby girl! I thought I would make a little gift for their new addition. This gift will most likely not get used for a spell so I guess will be plenty of time for the paint to dry! LOL! Ok you guys you can make fun of me for posting a painted...
  17. Custom original table

    Haven't posted anything in a few years, figured I'd see what was going on and post a few interesting projects. This table is made from reclaimed oak flooring. I ripped each piece into 3 strip and turned those pieces on edge. Then top coated with bar top epoxy. Client didn't want it high gloss...
  18. Teak Vessel with Leather “Moleskin” Notebook Cover

    Put in some time, but completed the gifts for our departing Command Master Chief. 1) Teak wood box from a salvaged "shipyard block" reinforced with dovetail splines in addition to brass nails and leather hinges. The coin on the front is our current CPO Mess design with two dragons forming...
  19. Shave Horse

    My first post here so be kind. Always wanted to build my own shave horse so this became my Christmas project. It's based loosely on a plan from Lee Valley / Veritas. I built the horse almost entirely from salvaged and left over materials. The maple bench was a dumpster find from a locker...
  20. Master Bathroom

    So here is the finished product of my parents master bathroom remodel. I built the vanity, medicine cabinet, and wall cabinet. I did all the trim work as well. The cabinets are made of knotty alder, and all of the hinges are Blumotion Soft closing. Enjoy… Oh and before I forget, all of the wood...
1-20 of 65 Results