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    New turner and member... feedback welcome I'm starting my first ever blog! This is great. I am a new member to LumberJocks and I am a new wood tuner. I have always been a fan of turned wood and I final decided I would give it a shot. I found the most inexpensive lathe (under $200), just in...
  2. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi everyone, I was digging through the archives of Industrial Strength Woodworking online and stumbled across an article about spalting your own wood. I've always really liked the look of spalted wood for decorative projects, and was wondering if anyone had tried doing the process themselves...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    Hi all… I came across This Method of How to Clean a Cutting Board and thought Y'all would be interested in it. It caught me by surprise… I would have used soap & water… followed by a good dose of Mineral Oil… ... I would also treat all of the wooden spoons, forks, bowls, knife handles, etc...
41-43 of 43 Results