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  1. Salt & Pepper Grinders

    Inlayed upgrinding salt and pepper grinders. Made of walnut and maple.
  2. Creative scrap disposal

    End-grain cutting boards have comprised about half of my projects to-date as a novice woodworker. I made the first one as a Christmas present… now my wife, sisters, and mom all have one. Whenever I make one I end up with a few strips of segmented wood leftover because I got the dimensions wrong...
  3. Small Salt/Pepper Grinders

    A couple of small (5" tall) salt and pepper grinders using the shaft type CrushGrind mechanisms. Made from Maple, Walnut and Cherry. Finished this gloss poly. Thanks for looking! Comments, criticisms and suggestions always welcome!
  4. Mahogany salt cellar

    This is my first bandsaw project - what a fun tool to work with! Inspired by this Wood Whisperer podcast - though my cellar box has only one deep container. I used three 4/4 mahogany boards glued together, cut out the body on a bandsaw, then removed the material from inside with feather drill...
  5. Salt & Pepper cellar: What happens when I break my wife's stuff

    Video here: We can thank my butterfingers for this project. A while back I managed to shatter the wife's old rock salt and pepper cellar. I figured a great christmas present would be a replacement for her. To make this I cut up some 45" angles on redheart hardwood and then used dowel pins to...
  6. Matching Christmas Gift Set

    My parents refuse to give me Christmas suggestions for them, so I had to come up with something myself. At one point this year my mother asked me to make her some wooden coasters, but I never got around to it (I cut off part of my left thumb at work not even a month later…). I purchased a...
  7. Spice of Life (Salt-n-Pepper Shakers)

    Maple and Black Walnut scrap wood salt-n-pepper shakers for Christmas presents. I saw something similar somewhere on the vast Internet and tried to improve a bit on the design. One inlay for pepper, two for salt. Rectangle shape shakers ensure the black walnut strip always lines-up.
  8. scraps to __+___ part 1

    Salt cellar #1 - cherry and paduk 3 1/2 length x 2 1/8 W x 1 9/16 H, finished w/ salad bowl finish, lid attached furniture bolt Salt cellar #2 - double decker, walnut and maple 4 3/4 length, x 2 w x 3 1/4 height, finished salad bowl finish Inspired by LJ amagineer...
  9. Tornillo 8 inch Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

    This is a 8 inch Salt and Pepper Grinder set I made for the women's ministry auction at church. I built the blanks so it gives a wonderful appearance of the different grains. This wood was inexpensive and very easy to mill and to turn. I hope some lucky person enjoys this attractive grinder set.
  10. Salt cellar

    This is a four-compartment salt cellar as a gift for my mom and step-dad. They have a collection of salts, and what better way to present your options than a spread in the middle of the table? The lid is not hinged, so that it is accessible from any angle, and is fit loosely so that it is not...
  11. Segmented Mills v2.0

    These are contrasting segmented salt and pepper mills that I just completed. The pepper mill is made from Walnut and the salt mill is from Ambrosia Maple. I'm really pleased with the colors in the Ambrosia Maple though they didn't come through that well in the pictures. The feature rings are...
  12. Roubo Workbench

    Although I started using this bench several weeks ago, it is officially completed! I am very pleased with it. The Record style vise on the end is lined up with the dogholes (Which my wife keeps calling the dead dogs, can't seem to keep the dog holes and the sliding deadman seperate in her...
  13. Salt & Pepper LightHouses

    Here are a couple of Salt and Pepper Lighthouses I knocked out today. Thought this was going to be a quick project and it turned into 8 hours of strugle. Don't recomend trying this if you don't have the correct forstner bits. The spade bits are NOT good enough. (at least mine aren't) They wanted...
  14. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I ave seen many great mallets on LJ's for awhile now, and this weekend I made my daughters toddler bed. During that process I did a lot of chisel work and all I had was a deadblow hammer. Tis worked ok, but I figured if I had to cut more than what I did, I we be at it all week! I decided I...
  15. Woodworking Skill Share
    I try to use reclaimed wood for all my projects. I am planning to use some tropical hardwoods reclaimed from old fishing boats for some luxury wall panelling. It is a mix of lesser known species but all are beautiful with a dense grain, rich cream or red shades, with some sections stained black...
  16. Wood & Lumber
    I worked for 15 years for a wood flooring company and now I have tons of maple, cherry, walnut, etc laying around. Any project ideas besides cutting boards and segmented woodturning would be appreciated now that I have set up a woodshop in my barn. I have most power tools except a mortise machine.
  17. Woodworking Skill Share
    Just thought I would share a new rust remover from the automotive industry. Gel form so no need to immerse whatever you are restoring. " Thanks to all you folks that have done...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    I'd like to make some salt and pepper shakers but I'm not sure what kind of finish to put on them. Any suggestions?
  19. Woodworking Skill Share
    What do I need to get for my lathe to turn the salt and pepper shakers. Would like to offer that project to the students next year. Also any instructions would be appreciated too. Thanks.
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I have started to turn same nice salt and pepper shakers on the lathe. I had best luck turning a hole in the bottom to fill it with salt. I found some plastic plugs a hobby cermic supply shop. However they only had a few left and I purchased what they had. I like these better than the rubber...
21-40 of 43 Results