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  1. Salt Boxes

    A pair of salt boxes (or "wall salts", or "salt pigs") made from oak, rebate and nail construction. The oak was a single 2 foot long oak 2×4, given to each member of our woodworking guild as a build challenge. The bottom was grooved first with a plow plane, to take the base, then it was cut up...
  2. Hand-Harvested Sea Salt Serving Box

    In our travels we've acquired various hand-harvested sea salts whose various containers have added to the clutter on the table. As a skill-building project I decided to make this 12"x3"x3" box with some curly maple I've been saving. I resawed the 4/4 maple to make the top and bottom and used...

    One small quick project - salt box 14×12x11cm, made of ash, finish wood oil. Hinge is 2.5mm brass pin. Additionaly, I made smal spoon, also of ash, with Arbotech angle grinder router, later sanded with oscillating spindle sander.

    One very cute order of old traditional salt boxes. I made them of padauk, wenge, mahogany, beech, walnut, ash and cherry. Finish wood oil. Dimensions 14×12x17cm, 8-10mm thick sides. Brass hinges. Sides I joined with 3mm dovels, infact I cut skewer sticks for that purpose.
  5. Salt Box

    This is a cherry salt box that I just finished. A salt box is used in the kitchen when a 'pinch' of salt is called for. It can also be used for the storage of other types of salt and spices. It seems like it could just be used as a small general purpose box too. A magnet keeps the top shut...
  6. Salt Box

    Had some local milled Cherry with twists and cupping, cut 3 pieces of the nearly straight parts, laminated them, made a Salt Box from the largest, then used the cores from each of the previous ones to make little trinket boxes. Finishe with Mineral Oil.
  7. Restored Family Chair

    Nov 19, 2010 This chair has been sitting up in the attic for many years. I kept avoiding the restoration because the seat frame had a small crack in the back. The cane seat was torn and damaged. Unfortunately I did not get any BEFORE pictures. I got too excited trying to restore it. Oh well …...
  8. More Salt Boxes!

    I am excited, how about you? I made 5 more boxes out of the 8/4 cherry I that I bought. I believe that I am in a lot more control of my router machine. I completely disassembled the front end of it, and solved a flex issue by shimming the vertical track with a hacksaw blade. It is good and...
  9. White Oak Salt Box

    This is a small white oak salt box that I made to learn how to make rabbet and dado joints, learn a bit about scroll cutting on a bandsaw, and to make a useful kitchen tool. The salt box holds salt for cooking. It has a lift lid and is large enough to hold both salt and a set of measuring...
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    I've been thinking of making some pens. Everybody seems to be doing it, and I have always had a weird fascination with writing instruments. I have a massive collection in my office. Plus, I have to make some gifts to get a few people off my back. SO… How may of you turn pens? Do you use mini...
  11. Woodworking Skill Share
    Guys, a friend has asked me to make the following mailbox post and would like some help figuring out how to safely cut the top of the post. It is an 8 facet point. I have a good tablesaw and mitersaw(12") sliding DeWalt and a 14" Delta bandsaw w/riser to accomplish the needed cuts. I had a few...
  12. Woodturning
    Hello, Any of you that have turned a box for storing Sea Salt in for the kitchen. Are there any particular types of wood NOT to use and do you finish the inside of the box , and if so , with what, please ? Thank you and Happy New Year to all : )
1-12 of 12 Results