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  1. Salt and pepper shakers

    I decided a while back to try my hand at a craft show next Christmas. I thought that I could do small production runs of various small items that can be bought inexpensively. These salt and pepper shakers (7 sets), bottle balancers (12), and bookmarks (over 40 so far) are the first projects that...
  2. Yew salt and pepper shakers

    Yew salt and pepper shakers. A friend gave me a chunk of yew and this was all I was able to get out of the piece, but I think the grain is stunning.
  3. Salt and Pepper Shakers (January 2013)

    Walnut reclaimed from a sofa. Green poplar reclaimed from a mattress. Maple reclaimed from a headboard. Its a shame that all this beautiful wood was headed to the dump. Free wood is all around us. To watch the entire build (video 3 will be up tomorrow) visit my blog here on LJ's.
  4. Trash to Treasure - Salt and Pepper Shakers #2 (February 2013)

    Cutting up more scraps from the previous Trash to Treasure projects. Walnut and maple. My mom saw the last set of S+P shakers I made and said she wanted a set. Cant say no to mom :) Here's 2 videos covering the build.
  5. Blogs
    Trash to Treasure - Headboard From now on I think it will be easier to update the original post instead of making multiple posts in series. Video 1 is done and I will update as the project continues. Click the green "watch" button above this post if you would like to be updated as the project...
  6. Jigs & Fixtures
    I subscribe to this woodworker/mad scientist on you tube. He's always coming up with some new ways (at least to me) to do things and this particular jig shows a lot of promise. I have used various techniques to cut large coves but I think this will be my mainstay from now on. Of course it won't...
1-6 of 6 Results