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  1. A Japanese Bunmawashi (Beam Compass)

    If you prefer not to read, the build video is here View on YouTube I first heard of this tool from the Toshio Odate book on Japanese tools. I thought it was pretty fascinating and I tucked it away in the back of my mind as a "do it someday" project. Well the excuse to build came when one of...
  2. The Mahogany Madness Machinist Chest!

    LOTS of pics/reading to follow just FYI Video is here if you prefer not to read. View on YouTube This project is one that took a while to complete. Arguably the hardest part of it was just finding the time to build while working full time and being married! I had wanted a sort of "bench...
  3. The Shamisen Bass

    Before you ask, the only reason for 2 strings is because I only had 2 tuning machines. If you prefer not to read, the video is here View on YouTube Just FYI these pics are slightly out of order. This project was something I had had in mind for some time. I hadn't played bass in about 8...
1-3 of 3 Results