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  1. Massive Cherry Stump

    Massive cherry stump. 20" in dianeter & 18.5 tall. The insid of the bottom is carved out to lighten the piece for shipping. Its only 100 lbs now LOL!
  2. Large Cherry Cubed Log

    Cubed Cherry Log. 18.5 Tall 14X18 on top.The dark discoloration is from metal long ago imbedded in the log. This & more can be seen on my site:
  3. Custom Cherry Slab Bench Pair

    Custom Cherry Bench Pair. 65 long 13 wide & 19 tall. Maple butterflies. tung oil finish. on the way to Kansas!
  4. Custom Maple Stair Treads [email protected] & 1 @ 4X16X72

    Custom Maple Stair Treads [email protected] & 1 @ 4X16X72 Sawn to 4.5X12.5X50, kiln dried,then planed to 4X12 & sawn to 48" Ready to shop to maddison WI on Monday!!!
  5. Nakashima Style Sled Based Cherry Coffee Table

    Nakashima Style Sled Based Live Edge Cherry Coffee Table. 6' long, 30" at widest & 18" high. Great Cherry Crotch! Apple wood butterflies. Spar urethane finish. This is one of the smaller slabs from this log. I have 4 more slabs that are larger! Tha black staining is from long ago imbedded...
  6. 8 wood accent tables, stump stools, Stoobles

    These seem to be selling well, so I have upped production on them! All maple, 40 to 70 lbs, 18 to 21 tall with 12" tops. Spar urethane finish, 69.00 - 79.00
  7. Crosscut Walnut Slice Cutting board with cheese spreader / knife

    Actually cut on my mill, not just hacked out with a chainsaw! Finished with butcherblock foodsafe finish. I made a bunch of these without the knife & sold them fast for 50.00 with free shipping. These are 60.00 shipping included….. How many do you want?
  8. Child Size Cherry Slab Table Set / With 8 Stools

    Child size table & stools. 100% Cherry. The table is 20" tall & the stools are 12" tall. Everything Is finished with spar urethane then the Table top is coated with famo wood glaze coat. Then to remove some of the sheen it is steelwool'd then wiped with boiled linseed oil. This set is on its...
  9. Small Live edge walnut Sofa table

    Walnut Sofa Table. 16X36 & 16 tall Spar urethane finish & Y'alls favorite legs!!! This & more at
  10. Artsy Walnut Bench Nakashima style Live edge Free Form & Loaded with Character

    Walnut Bench, Walnut Butterflies, Walnut plugs….. & screws. About as close to 100% walnut as you can get. & then finished with helmsman minwax spar urethane in the clear satin variety. Can be seen in my etsy store along with some other pieces...
  11. Sculpted Wild Pennsylvania Black Cherry Log one piece Chair with back

    Sculpted Wild Pennsylvania Black Cherry Log one piece Chair with back This piece was placed on a radiator heater all last winter & 3/4 of this winter. It dried so much it developed about a 4" pie shaped crack in one part, as you can see in the picture. I then cleaned the void to a nice triangle...
  12. Pair of stools / Tables

    2 more ….. I have opted for quality over quantity. there is no way I will have 100 pieces by november. So I'm just chuggin along. These are maple & are being offered as a pair. they are 16 & 17 tall with 10" tops...
  13. log accent stump stool

    one more 19 tall with a 9.5" top & ofcourse
  14. Maple Slab Mantle

    This piece is a custom order going to a doctors office in miami Maple with walnut stain. Thats what they wanted. The corbels are mine & not part of the order.
  15. Pedestal for bonzai tree

    The is part of the Miami order. solid maple log, squared. 145 lbs. this also got the walnut stain, but not yet in these pics.
  16. Sculpted Wild Pennsylvania wormy Butternut Log one piece Chair with back

    Sculpted Wild Pennsylvania wormy Butternut Log one piece Chair with back Finished with minwax helmsman spar urethane, clear satin. Rough carved with a chainsaw, then grinder & sander to 400 grit.
  17. log stump Bar stool

    This & the footrest are on their way to san diego
  18. log & Slab coffe table 1

    Just so yall dont think I just make logs!!! This coffee table is a custom piece. the customer picked out this log & added the slab top as an extra. Maple log, white Oak 2" top 16X20 on top 22 tall. provincial stain.
41-60 of 139 Results