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  1. Aspen/Eucalyptus Coffee Table

    The top is 8/4 Eucalyptus with aspen log legs. The bottom shelf is mortise and tenon into the aspen legs. The bottom shelf is barnwood, peruvian walnut, lacewood, spalted birch and black walnut. The top is inlaid with peruvian walnut, barnwood, lacewood, black walnut and spalted birch. Willows...
  2. Live Edge Display Shelves

    I have always sawed, planed, and sanded wood unto submission but have wanted to try some live edge projects since seeing the beautiful projects listed on ljs. The shelves are from the same log, this is visible in the picture on the drill press. The log was a downed red cedar on our daughters...
  3. Juniper Log Table Lamp, Beetle Kill Pine Base

    This juniper table lamp sits on a beetle kill pine base. Tim and I had a hard time deciding weather or not to do some turquoise inlay on this lamp. But the more we looked at it, it just didnt need it. The white coloring is so pure and clean, which reminds me of pulled taffy and the red, darker...
  4. Log Corner Shelf & Bowl from same tree

    A tree was chopped down near my home a while back, and the put the logs out for people to take. I managed to carry this one home and I decided to slice it in half and see whats inside. I'm not sure what wood it is, it's not very dense and bruises quite easily, but it sure is pretty. The...
  5. Coffee Table, Rustic Design

    My client sent me a photo of a custom coffee table and asked me to come as close as I could to the basic design, but to match the colors of the rustic beams in her living room. She wanted the same kind of look as the beams, meaning flat-grain wood with tight knots. The design of the table made...
  6. narrow walnut table

    narrow tapered flitch of walnut used for the top of this hall/sofa table. top is elevated above the base . 48 long x 30 tall. walnut finished with odies oil
  7. Barn Beam Benches!

    These are various benches made from barn beams reclaimed from demolished Ontario barns. Most barn beams and barn wood we get in is from the 1890s.
  8. Barn Beam & Threshing Board Custom Desk Builds!

    Two desks I built for a home office in Burlington. Both are made of reclaimed threshing boards and beams. The long desk is 11 feet long.
  9. Pot Belly End Tables!

    We named these end tables Pot Bellys because they reminded us of the little pigs with the same name. We cut the beams to 20" long (these are 12×12s) and raised them up on 4" hairpins, which were custom made. These pins are brushed steel.
  10. Barn Beam Skin Console Tabel!

    This nice little console table is made from a barn beam skin. What is a barn beam skin, you wonder? Well…we rip barn beams through the saw mill to cut them into planks. Resawn beams, right I usually cut the outer skins at 2" in thickness and then the inner wood to 1-1/2" or 1" thickness...
  11. Rustic sliding barn door

    Customer ordered a door where we needed to attach his mirror. So we've created the rustic sliding barn door. New wood - hand carved, decorative metal hand forged details. Handles made with candle holders - everything handmade from new materials. All details are handmade. wooden nails are hand...
  12. Barn wood table

    Used barn wood from relative. Also accented with horse shoe nails.
  13. From Timber Beam to Table

    I salvaged this huge 8 foot long 8×10 timber beam during my renovations a couple years ago. I just couldn't let the construction crew toss it in the dumpster (and I'm sure they were happy to let me keep it and save on the weight). I finally came up with an idea to turn it into a side table. I...
  14. Rustic Furniture first try: spruce legs &live edge cherry seat, walnut spline wedges bees wax finis

    some local cherry and a branches from a spruce tree from my yard became this little stool. My first try at Rustic Furniture. 1.5" holes with a forester bit in the seat and 5/8" holes in the legs. whittled down the 5/8" tenon cross ties for the legs and used a "pencil sharpener" bit from...
  15. Pottery Barn Pismo Table Dedign

    Hi A client wanted to buy the Pismo table from Potter Barn, but didn't like how narrow it was (50cm). Thus she asked me to make a table of similar design but 70cm wide. I used reclaimed pine wood, stained it with a very light steel wool-vinegar then finished it with clear lacquer. The end...
  16. Island Top from Wide Pine Slab

    I have finally installed this Island top I made from a beautiful pine slab. The island top is 79" long and 49" wide made from two pieces joined together. The two halves came from the same slab shown in picture #3. The top has seven coats of tung oil. This was a perfect match for this home...
  17. Grandpa's Box

    This box is for my Grandfather for Christmas. It is a little late, but it took a little more time than anticipated, and I don't think he'll regret waiting an extra month. It is supposed to be a tackle box, for some of his more treasured fishing equipment that he may or may not use anymore, but...
  18. Rustic mirror

    My new order - rustic mirror. 54 3/4" width. Made from pine, natural woodfinish. Mirror made as aged too. New pieces of wood hand carved as aged wood. Letter B hand carved into the frame, not applied separately.
  19. Hand Carved Sofa Table

    Hand Carved Furniture by Lazy River Studio - Not often, but once in a while, I get a request for furniture (I mostly make wood signs). This piece was a nice change of pace. Customer requested a sofa table and wanted carved images of oak tree leaves, acorns and a squirrel. This piece is...
1-20 of 39 Results