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  1. Box saved from the fire

    Box made from firewood actually 8^) Russian olive with a juniper panel for the lid. Inside dimensions are 6" x 8" with 1/2" stock and base/lid overhang. The splines are walnut, interior has a felt lined bottom. Firewood around here typically is riparian invasive species (Russian olive...
  2. Live Edge Rustic Bench

    The back rest and sides are crotch wood slabs that I milled from a Russian Olive that I helped "re-purposed" after removing it for a driveway project, (my chainsaw mill has sure saved some neat wood from the firewood pile!!) and the bench seat was milled from a juniper tree that was removed to...
  3. Russian olive bowl (25)

    A friend and neighbor gave me a chunk of Russian olive that he glued up from pieces he got from a lightning-struck tree. I turned it into a bowl. Took quite a bit of CA to fix the checks. Finished by sanding with 60, 120, 180, and 220 then oiling it with BLO, then four coats of shellac and BLO...
  4. Couple of new turkey calls

    I turned the first two stabilized pot call blanks I have ever done. I have to say these are a lot different than turning plain wood and you sure want to wear some type of breathing protection. They will dull a tool in about a minute but take a finish beautifully. So here we are a 3" buckeye...
  5. Another bowl

    Russian Olive bowl carved with angle grinder, turquoise transition between pedestal and bowl, stain is Minwax red mahogany one application followed by two coats Watco Danish Oil (Natural) and multiple coats of spray gloss spar varnish. Bowl stands about 14 inches tall and is roughly the same in...
  6. One more bowl

    Other half of the previous bowl I posted. Same process used, different stain with a little lighter results. Started with Watco Danish Oil "Fruitwood" followed by "Dark Walnut". Used a rope as my transition between pedestal and bowl. Thanks for looking. TZH
  7. Right side - left side of the brain argument

    Left side says "it's beautiful! " Right side says "it sucks to work with! " Left side says "People will love it!" Right side says "probably same people that liked Achy Breaky Heart!" Anyway this is my "wonder wood". Mainly because I am still wondering what it is. Candle holders. The other...
  8. Box Elder Burl and Russian Olive Box

    First post, but not anywhere near first project. I do lots of small boxes and turnings, and the occasional bigger project. The lid lifts off, with no hinges. This was my first try at using a slab that I cut off a large burl my brother-in-law gave to me. You can see where I filled some voids. I...
  9. A few more bowls

    Three more bowls I've done recently. The bowl in the first two pics is 3" x 5" and is an end grain bowl from pecan. I used a beading tool and burn wires to set off the texture made with a spiraling tool on the side of the bowl. I filled a large cavity in the inside of the bowl with some...
  10. my so-so boxes

    This is a project that the thought was better than the finished product. The boxes are spalted poplar. The lid and traysare Red Cedar. The splines are Russian Olive. 12×8x4 I tripped over a dog and dropped one and blew out the knot in the back of lid. Mitered in hinges. Didn't really like my...
  11. A Poplar Russian

    I had a piece of the poplar tree I got a couple weeks ago. Pretty stuff. So I decided to make a box for it. First wood I came to was Russian Olive. Hard to cut up & smells bad, but I like its look. Wish I had a couple big poplars with this coloring. Would make some neat furniture. Thanks for...
  12. Twisted rim Bowl (Russian Olive)

    Last year I came across some Russian Olive that someone had cut down and thrown away at the city burn pile. It had been sitting in the yard till about a month ago when I finally decided to do something with it. Never tried this before it was fun.
  13. Russian Olive Bowl

    candy Dish turned from Russian Olive
  14. First and Last

    I had a Russian Olive Tree that blew over in a storm, this was the last piece I cut off and it became the first cane I ever made. I am still trying to decide what to do with the sections I saved from the trunk, but I wish I had more pieces for canes like this one. Approximately 36 inches tall...
  15. Russian Olive Natural Edge Bowl

    Russian Olive Natural Edge Bowl 10" x 3"
  16. Sympathy Bowl

    This is a bowl for a dear friend after a loss. It is turned out of Russian Olive burl. Even with sharp tools this was a very difficult bowl to turn, and the inside is more shallow than I would like. Finished with Danish Oil and buffed to shine. Bowl is about 8×8".
  17. Turned Boxes

    Last year I did a Jimmy Clews class at woodcraft here in Boise. He showed us how to make the lids on these boxes so tight that they "pop" when you take them off. Cool Idea, but if you have a powder in it, you would be wearing the powder whenever you open the box. I like to see peoples faces when...
  18. Russian Olive Bowl

    Russian Olive with a bit of a burl in it. Love the caramel color. Fun project.
  19. Two Wall Clocks

    These clocks are a smaller 8" version of the first one I made (10"). These are a relatively easy project that requires only a minimal amount of materials. The frame wood is Russian Olive. My neighbor had a dead, still standing row of these between our two properties that was a real fire hazard...
  20. Wedding Gift Bowl

    A bowl of Russian Olive turned for a friend on her wedding day. The bowl is about 5" wide and finished with Danish Oil and buffed.
1-20 of 33 Results