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  1. Recipe Box

    I made this recipe box from 1/2" oak with 1/4" finger joints. This was my first attempt at finger joints and I quickly found they're only as good as the jig. Overall I'm pleased with the outcome of the box. The finish is a distressing technique I learned on an auto show. Spray paint the...
  2. Table that motion

    A few days ago, an elderly neighbor approached me in my garage shop, and asked if i knew where he could get pre-turned legs for a small table he wanted to build. I mentioned he might find some turned spindles at "CasaDePot", but he replied that he used to buy legs with bolts set in them, ready...
  3. Finishing
    I did not research the full list of properties or ingredients of each of these items, but, like so many experienced members here have said, each item has its own pros and cons. due to the "Truth in Advertising" laws, a manufacturer does not have to list its ingredients to call it a certain item...
1-3 of 3 Results