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  1. Little Gem

    My son and I built this rowing skiff a few years ago. It is a design by Ken Swan, but we made a few changes to dress it up. It is very straight forward to construct if you follow his plans. The changes we made added time to the project, but was well worth it. We added a grate style seat up...
  2. little row boat

    little row boat as a tender for my dad's 28 footer… I did draw it with a cad programm, so I could get developable, flat surfaces to print them for my sheet layout. It was just a test for accuracy and of course some fun building it… It is not as stable in the water as I wanted it to be, but...
  3. 9 Ft. Grandy sailing tender

    Here is the second lapstrake boat we built this past year. It is a 9 footer built to be a tender for a large yacht. The Grandy Boat Company of Seattle used to make these little beauties for their Lake Union Dream boats. This was a commissioned boat and the first Grandy to have a sailing rig...
  4. Gentry Ruth Skin on Frame Wherry with Hatchet Oars

    The plans and design are Dave Gentry. The frame is Doug Fir and Okoume marine plywood and the skin is 10oz dacron which is very strong stuff. The rowing system is made from plans by Colin Angus and the oars are hollow birdsmouth oars made from spruce with oak wear strips. They are 9'6" with...
  5. Little Wooden Skiff

    About two years ago I built this little skiff to retrieve my RC Tiger Moth plane if it went down in the pond in our back yard. It's the first time I built a boat and it wasn't all that difficult. There's a sheet of styrofoam under the flag to keep her floating if you were to get into trouble...
  6. Wood fish hook necklace

    Wood fish hook necklace Material: Smoke Bush wood (Cotinus coggygria) Size: 1,88 inch or 48 mm long
  7. Skin-On-Frame Rowing Wherry

    This is a Dave Gentry-designed, Ruth, skin-on-frame rowing wherry that was built from plans. The boat is 18' long, 33" wide, and weighs in at 48 pounds without the rowing rig. Long frame pieces are vertical grain western red cedar obtained by picking through the stack at Home Depot. Ribs are...
  8. Shark Attack Automata

    see the video at
  9. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    does any one know what the best tenon cutters to buy for the money
  10. Woodworking Skill Share
    I just had to pass this on… I still have a hard time seeing how he did it… ... and without a bandsaw!! Built a small row Boat (that you can get in) out of one single 2 x 4 x 8'...
  11. Blogs
    Not a Box . . . This was my project for the last winter and learned many new skills. Soon, she will be in my livingroom for five days where I can apply the last coats of varnish, (and sill use the shop for fall projects). Bending the strips into the wine glass stem shaped stern was the source...
1-11 of 11 Results