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  1. Texas Inlay Cutting Boards

    I made these boards using the system form Slab Stitcher. Here is a video of how I did it: Video
  2. Hardwood floor inlays - Walnut in Oak

    We decided to convert the dining room floor to hardwood. I asked my wife "Do you want inlays to match the kitchen floor?" "Of course!" was the reply. When I asked my flooring guy if he wanted to do them or should I he said "You do it, my knees don't want to" Here are the steps: Make a...
  3. Router template square - Festool MFS type (post)

    Router template square Festool MFS type. Inspired by the Festool MFS, I wanted a simple template, to use with my routers, so I could make a easy fast setup and didn't have to make a new template for each project. Why not just buy the Festool template? Well a price tag of 3725dkk / 580usd /...
  4. Tea Light Holder Router Profile Fixture

    Once the shape of the tea light holder was determined, a template was made for the profile and was also used to locate the candle pockets. The profile was roughed out on the band saw with a 3/16 wide blade leaving minimal stock for the profiling operation. The next operation was routing the...
  5. DIY Radius Routing Templates Jig

    Hi guys! Here is my DIY Radius Routing Templates Jig. All comments are welcomed! The is the video of the process and the jig's capabilities (3 min.): Michael
  6. Jigs & Fixtures
    Hi all, I'm new to the router template world, and just got setup with a Bosch RA1128 guide kit for my Bosch 1617EVSPK. I installed the guide bushing on the plunge base, and am using a bit that is 2 ¼" long. My issue is that even at maximum plunge depth, the bit protrudes only a minimal amount...
  7. Blogs
    Half-Blind Dovetails on Curved Parts A few folks have asked me what I have been up to lately in the shop, so I decided to post a quick video blog, that I shot yesterday, before I head out for the long weekend. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! Here is the video
  8. Woodworking Skill Share
    For about 18 months now I've had a (I think) neat design for a tray. But it involves curves on non-concentric circles… In the past I'd have done this with sanding but that never seems to be quite right, and, I figure, I ought to be beyond that now. So I was stuck. Then, last night, I had a...
  9. Blogs
    Router Inlay Practice - The Diamond This is a routing technique that can be used with great accuracy when inlaying wood veneer. A compact router is used along with a shop-made router template. The video was taken during a time of router inlay practice within the woodworking shop. Sometimes...
1-10 of 10 Results