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  1. my router lathe

    This lathe / router comprising a lathe is broken there, some steel rods, linear bearings, etc.. In addition the system uses a bicycle wheel and chain synchronous movement of the lathe and router. This way I can create precise spirals. Regards, Aziz. For further information on this project...
  2. More on my Homebuilt Router Lathe

    So you may have seen the video last week demonstrating my homemade router lathe in action. This is just a follow up of that video to answer any questions people had and take a closer look at how it operates. I also look at the imporvment I would make next time. Enjoy! - also see my website
  3. Sauron's eye

    To test my recently built bowl lathe, I performed this project using a black locus endgrain slab. Due to the unbalance, the heavy lathe of about 1,700 pounds shook mildly even at ~700 rpm (my guess, no rpm reader equipped). After turning the concentric circles, two circles were cut into segments...
  4. Router Lathe

    Okay, first post and I'm already breaking the rules - it's not a completed project but I thought some guys could appreciate the lathe idea. Sorry, but this project has been taking months. I keep picking up projects in-between. Got this years 160 hour flu at Christmas and that really slowed...
  5. Making a Baseball Bat with the Lathe Duplicator

    Just for fun I decided to test out my new lathe duplicator attachment to turn a baseball bat. You could use Ash or something to make one but as I will never use this (we just don't play baseball in the UK) I just used pine. In this video I cover designing templates in Google Sketchup, as well...
  6. Blogs
    Router Lathe Duplicator Version 2 (Intro Video) Just a short introduction to version 2 of my router powered lathe duplicator/ copier attachment. This router attachment enables the duplication of existing wood turnings or the creation new woodturnings through the use of a template.
1-6 of 6 Results