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  1. Shape Large Panels with your Router

    I made this router jig to shape a slight curve into the seats on a set of bar stools I recently made. I new the rough shape I wanted the curve to be based on the size and thickness of the seat. Ok, so I'm guessing some of you have already glanced below and begun panicking about the equations...
  2. Dado Jig

    Edit: This jig was featured in a Fine Woodworking Magazine article. May/June issue #226. Note: The bottom clamps were redesigned on the jig in the article. Figured Maple and Bubinga dado jig I looked at a lot of dado jigs before designing this one. They all seemed to use c-clamps to hold to...
  3. Loose Tenon Mortising Jig - Tested and Improved

    This is the Loose Tenon Mortising Jig I posted earlier. I did test it and made a few improvements. The major improvement was the addition of a "rabbeted" piece in the back of the jig (see the second photo) to keep the plastic sled from tipping forward during the cut. I made the rabbet shallow...
  4. Router Sled / Jig For Cutting Handles In Cutting Board

    I made this simple little Router Sled / Jig to cut handles in a cutting board I made for some friends for Christmas. I didn't take a lot of time in the design/adjustability of it, but it got the job done! Watch the video here
  5. Oval Cutting Jig (elliptical router jig)

    I made an oval cutting jig from some scrap plywood for a table build that will have an oval top and some abstract shelves with scuplted legs. Here is how I built it if you are interested

    I lost all of the pictures with computer crash but, this link () will take you to a video of my progress as I built the guitar. The guitar n the picture is not the one I built!
  7. Push block

    This was inspired from a couple of lumberjock members Delayne Peck: and David Bethune: It works great when I remember I have one now. LOL
  8. Cubbie Bookshelf

    This is my first official completed woodworking project as a "serious woodworker". I've got a lot to learn but I sure absorbed a lot of information during the process of building this bookshelf. I started out with a design that would properly fit the removable bins that you see pictured...
  9. Lazy Susan Cheese board

    This project was so much fun since I learned a few new skills, like making a round cutting board, a homemade circle jig and how to install a swivel plate for a Lazy Susan. I used maple, cherry and walnut for the cutting board that I glued up in 2 parts so I could run them through my planer...
  10. Long Radius Template Jig

    THIS project is making a router jig and and using it to make a template for both a 15 foot and 28 foot radius. The template will be used to sand curved braces for guitars or ukes, and eventually to make radius dishes. The following is confusing, so I will make every effort to answer...
  11. Making and using a router jig to make trivets

    This YouTube video covers the construction and use of a router jig to make wooden trivets. It also covers what could go wrong. Link is
  12. End Grain Cheese Slicer

    My first venture into end graining. After grabbing some white oak sticks from the burn box and gluing up a small board, I decided to try the cheese slicing hardware referenced on other projects. Rather than cut the board down to the typical size, I did a plunge cut with a 1/8" router bit using a...
  13. Diy router Sled

    Hello friends, for the realization of the new furnishings for the bathroom of the country house I had to plan very wide fir boards and I did not have the planer big enough and with the manual electric one I was scarce. so I bought a milling machine and I made a leveling machine.This is the result
  14. Simple Reliable Sliding Dovetail Housing Guide

    For the past 20ish years I have challenged myself to make stuff with wood that does not require screws or nails. It's just a mental challenge I enjoy. Dovetails, mortise and tenons, and sliding dovetails are my friends in this challenge. The problem is, sliding dovetails are usually a pain...
  15. 0.700 Router Jig Box

    Boys and Girls, While trying to take my projects a tad more seriously, I tried to post the last project without my typical BS… I tried but failed… at least failed to continue in that tempo. After splinter's quote… I just couldn't keep a straight face any more, and decided to take up the...
  16. My Shavehorse

    Well as I have asked for shavehorse plans and specs a week or 2 ago, This is the shavehorse I have whipped up myself with the help from others' projects. Its a solid cedar project and a very simple project. Many people think this is nothing but useless but think twice you may be in awe about...
  17. Router Centering Jig

    This will be my last jig for a while, but I thought it might be helpful for others to see. I haven't used it yet, but would welcome advice or warnings. I made this cut slots in some railings. I'll use a 3/8's inch spiral upcut bit to accomplish this. I'll then fit slats into the grooves I...
  18. My 1st box: wedding photo box with inspiration from EyeOfTheJen and hinges from Shipwright

    After seeing the photo box that EyeoftheJen made as a wedding gift, it inspired me to try something similar. I have always admired Shipwright's hinges and thought this would be a good place to give them a try. His SketchUp and excellent tutorial made them about the easiest part of the...
  19. router mortising jig

    Making mortise with good plunge router bits is the way to go but its hard to make repeative and accurate mortise with a router if you dont have an ajustable jig. So I made this jig out of some russian birch that I had laying around, and made couple upgrade lately at first I had toggle clamps...
1-20 of 70 Results