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  1. Retro-Modern Sideboard With Bent Ash

    This is my favorite project thus far and first I'm posting to this forum. A lot of the questions I originally had were answered through reading discussions of others with similar questions. Everything from WHICH GLUE??? (my favorites) to tips on bending wood. Of all of the research I did, I...
  2. Three Fly Boxes

    Woods are Walnut Crotch over Bradford Pear, Spalted Pecan over Walnut, and Curly Maple over Walnut. Wipe on Poly then buffed with Carnuba. All fly boxes should have rounded edges and corners for easy access from fly vest. Got enough boxes. Time to make a landing net or two. Enjoy.
  3. Blogs
    Large rounded corners Anybody have any clever ideas how to build a doorway like this with large rounded corners? I wish there was a giant router big enough do do this kind of thing.
1-3 of 3 Results