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  1. Chevron Cutting Board

    I made a chevron cutting board from a few walnut and maple scraps. This is my first round cutting board and my first chevron cutting board. I came up with idea while brainstorming ideas for a cutting board challenge on Instagram. It was a fun project and I really want to make a few more chevron...
  2. Custom Cutting Board for Motorhome

    I was contacted by a customer who had previously ordered a custom slide-in bread board for his kitchen and he asked me to make a custom cutting board to fit over the sink of his motorhome - genius! This was a cool project because the round had to be a smaller diameter underneath than on top so...
  3. Hand Tools
    Hello I'm trying to plane a rough sawn pine plank, but the hand plane I use refuses to give a proper shave. Every stroke makes a gash, instead of shave. If I pull up the blade with adjustment nut, the plane just slides over the wood. When it does make contact, it ends up eating into the wood...
1-3 of 3 Results