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  1. carbide insert roughing tool

    Here's a few pictures of a roughing tool I made for myself using a carbide insert. It'll really hog off the wood!
  2. Crotch Walnut Clock

    My dad was wanting to cut down a walnut tree that was on the edge of a field and offered me the stump. The rest he was using for firewood. There wasn't anything big enough for lumber. When I saw one of the crotches of a branch I asked to have that as well. This was one half of the crotch and...
  3. Jigs & Fixtures
    can use all the help i can get. have both rotations ( 2 motors) and would like to make a disc sander. HELP thanks
  4. Blogs
    Oak top I bought a little forge for the shop, and it arrived last week. Hoping to use it for the knife swap that's just begun. One of the things I'm short on in my shop is flat surfaces, so I decided to build a little table for the forge and associated tools to sit on (the anvil will hopefully...
1-5 of 5 Results