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  1. Barnwood Island Top

    Built an island top for a customer. She contacted me after I posted a picture of a truckload of circular sawn oak from a barn that was been turn down. The boards were originally about 8 inches wide. I ripped the boards in half because they had a cup in them. I did this to minimize the effect of...
  2. salvaged wood wall unit

    made from salvaged pine beams lightly planed and sanded for rough aged look cabinets on bottom for storage fireplace surround is waiting for stone veneer to be finished
  3. Walnut table

    This is a solid walnut table that is 72" long and 36" wide and is 2" thick. Once it was fully glued up it was pretty difficult moving this thing around in a one man shop!! There are breadboard ends that are pinned with 1/2 inch walnut dowels. If you look closely you can see that I metered the...
  4. cup coasters

    4×4 coasters
  5. Kansas City Rescue Mission box

    Created for a benefit auction for a homeless shelter and rescue mission for men. Outside was intentionally beat up and rough and then the inside was smooth with another nice clean box with a cross on the top. Signifying the change that can happen in these men's lives by the grace of God.
  6. Kumiko and Tool Box for Grandkids

    I've had a lot of shop time recently and decided to make a toolbox for my grandson and a kumiko box for my granddaughter. Like most little boys my grandson is fascinated with tools and his current inventory, while plastic, still need a good place to be stored. Right??? The box is cherry, the...
  7. key rings

    These are oval key rings from Steve Good. The inlay I used on these are moon sand and epoxy. I tried using moon sand because my grandkids had some at my house. It seems to work fine and is cheap.
  8. Girls Twin Bed

    I made this twin bed for a friends daughter. It is made out of 2×4's, birch ply and some wainscot ply. It was relatively inexpensive and easy to build. The hardest part of the project was finding decent 2×4s that could be planed down flat and straight. She found her initial at a hobby store...
  9. European Beech bowls

    A fellow LumberJock and buddy of mine and I salvaged some enormous pieces of European Beech from the sidewalk in front of the old Telus Buildig in Victoira. We were nearly popping our spines lifting some 5 foot sections of trunk into my truck. Later that night we bucked them into managable...
  10. Cedar Chest

    This is my first "nice" project. Well, nice to me anyways. :) I bought some used tools off craigslist and converted half my garage into a workshop. After building a quick workbench, I got started on this. First, I bought some rough sawed cedar and walnut from a local person off his land...
  11. First Cabinet From Rough Wood

    This is my first project from rough wood, I have done two other projects from Home Depot wood. I got the wood from a Amish saw mill. It is cherry and was very rough but only cost me $2 for a 9ft 1×6. I do not have a jointer or planer so I did what I could with my $100 delta table saw, belt...
  12. Entertainment Center

    I made this in 4 sections so I could transport it and then assembled it at my parent's home.
  13. Solid Mesquite Sculpture Stands

    A client/friend of mine wanted to make two new bases for some sculptures he recently purchased. He wanted to make a mesquite base that had "cracks and natural flaws" but also had very smooth squared surfaces that would show off the grain. I took on the job not only because it tested the limits...
  14. Cedar Planter Boxes

    I live in a condo on the first floor. Space is at a minimum so I came up with this solution. These will have herbs and some vegetables at least next year. There is one on each side of the patio. Made with some cedar deck boards and some scrap exterior plywood they were a simple fun build...
  15. Railway sleeper furniture

    I made these out of reclaimed railway sleepers. They are UNTREATED Jarrah wood sleepers from Australia which I bought in the UK.
  16. Reclaimed wood table

    Table top is made from 60+ year old long-leaf pine, legs are made from rough cut cedar. My brothers and I did a lot of renovations on our old farm house and this was the original flooring from a looooooooong time ago. We found it underneath a layer of linoleum AND a layer of fake hard wood...
  17. Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet

    I was driving through the beautiful country side of North Carolina, We found a smalll Antique shop, and went in, and saw this Hoosier cabinet. I believe it was mostly pine nailed together. The lady told me it was called the possum belley cabinet because of the round drawers. the last two...
  18. Olive Wood

    Okay so some times I bite off more than I can chew. This is one of those times. My friend Mike (in the first picture) said he wanted to get rid of an Olive tree at one of his rental properties. This immediately sparked my interest and I told him that when he wanted it to come down, I'd be happy...
  19. Wood Box I made out of rough pine boards that were donated to the cause

    THis is a box I made from some old rough pine boards that my dad gave me. Don't laugh.. I am still learning ha ha. I ended up givnign this away like I have my other boxes. I'll post more of my boxes later so ya'll can give me advice on them
1-20 of 63 Results