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  1. New Member Introductions
    I just stumbled on this site while doing a search on "bandsaw tables." I found a thread that had exactly what I was looking for and then I nosed around a little. I like this place! I retired from a 30 year career in a private law practice in Montpelier Vermont, just as Covid was hitting us all...
  2. Marking Awl

    Hey guys! This was a fun little lathe project i made. I was tired of using nails to mark the centres of my holes before drilling so i decided to make my own awl! I used African rosewood for the handle, a brass fitting that i then turned down on the lathe and a old masonry bit i had laying...
  3. Sand Speeder Toy

    Have you ever watched those Christmas specials with all the elves sitting around making wooden toys. Then on Christmas morning, kids all over the world start opening plastic toys that require batteries. What gives? When my son was born, I decided that every year Santa would be giving him a...
  4. Business card holder

    Red heart and East Indian rose wood pocket business card holder
  5. Salt and Pepper Shakers

    My daughter has a fundraiser at her school where they take items for a silent auction, so I decided to make some pieces to donate to the auction. These salt and pepper shakers are approximately 10" tall and use woodcraft kit for the mechanicals. I used Ash and Rosewood blanks, cutting a piece...
  6. Another cutting board

    Here's another end-grain cutting board made of Purpleheart and White Guayana Rosewood. Finished it with butcher block conditioner (mineral oil and beeswax). Thanks for looking and all comments welcome.
  7. Rosewood side tables

    Small sofa side tables as a gift for someone. These are the first two from a set of four. Also the first time I tried my hand at inlay, hence the basic (easier) circular design. Dimensions is 300mm x 300mm x 450mm (H). Thank you
  8. Muzzle-Loading Bullet Box

    Someone asked me to make a small box in which to store and carry the bullets (slugs, balls, shells???) for his muzzle-loading rifle. The bullets are stored inside these plastic tubes until used, and the box can hold 50 tubes. The bottom is covered with a 5mm thick cork sheet (gasket from the...
  9. Bubinga bowl

    A Bubinga bowl that I made recently. Let me know what you think. This one is about 8" in diameter and almost 5" tall. The blank came from Cook Woods at the woodworking show in Seattle and was about $20.
  10. Brass knuckles bottle opener

    "Brass knuckles" bottle opener I've been making a bunch of these for family/friends lately. Super simple, low cost, low stress project. Let me know what you think Cocobolo Jatoba (mini opener) Cherry Rosewood, maple, cherry
  11. Rosewood Bandsaw box

    Similar to my other design. This will be the last Rosewood project I do. I ended up with a really bad allergic reaction to this wood - facial swelling, rash, hives, Had to go to doc and get a Prednisone shot and have been on pills almost a week. I stayed out of the shop for most of the week. I...
  12. Several Turned Wooden Bowls

    Just a few of the latest bowls I've turned. the first one is Rosewood and the rest are all Camphor.
  13. Tea Box with "Legs"

    So a couple of weeks ago, almost three, Ellen35 asked if we could look at one more tea box. The one she made was constructed of rosewood. You can look at it here. Her box inspired me to make this one. I liked the legs to give it a lift off of the counter. Mine is also made with rosewood, but...
  14. No strings attached My version.

    First off, I'd like to thank Dan, Eklund for the great Guitar pattern in the Holiday issue of SSW&C magazine about a year ago. This was so fun yet so hard for me to cut. It was a great challenge for me. I used 17 different woods in this. I like the colors I used but may do a second one and make...
  15. Caribbean rosewood & cherry bowls

    Hello fellas, I don't know how many times I can post segmented bowl projects before you guys start to groan, but here I go again. The first bowl is cherry with purple heart stripes and caribbean rosewood base. The second bowl is caribbean rosewood with a cherry stripe. I ran across the...
  16. 1959 Spec Stratocaster

    If anyone is interested in more pictures or the gallery of this gutiar being made - here is the link White Strat Making of
  17. New Hand Plane for a Co-Worker

    A co-worker asked me to build him a hand plane for his and this is the result. I was originally going to use a piece of Bloodwood or Redheart, both woods that I love to use, for the body but I couldn't find a piece that wasn't dry enough, and ended up with this piece of East Indian Rosewood...
  18. Winding Sticks for Summer 2017 Suprise Swap

    This is a pair of Winding Sticks that I made for the Summer 2017 Suprise tool Swap. They are made out of Bolivian rosewood with hard maple inlay. I also used maple dowel to connect them together when not in use. These were made for GR8HUNTER in the swap.
  19. Guitar stand

    My brother's birthday was a while ago and I thought I will make something instead of buying. He enjoys playing the guitar and one thing I've noticed is that when he puts the guitar down it tends to fall over, especially when his 2 small ones are running around. So I've looked at a few designs...
  20. Small Shoulder Plane

    Hi Folks This is a plane a customer requested - a shoulder plane with a 10mm width. The timber is Santos Rosewood and it has a solid brass sole. This plane is tiny, measuring 140mm long and 45mm tall. It is a little delicate but works perfectly. I found working on such a small scale quite...
1-20 of 500 Results