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  1. Holder for table/circular saw blades

    This one doesn't really fall into the category of "fine furniture," but it was a project and it is made of wood, so I guess it goes here. I wanted a holder for my increasing collection of table saw blades, since having them ratting around in a drawer isn't really good for them or an effective...
  2. New Nature

    New nature, built from redwood, fur,and cedar roots, I collected from three different states CA,OR,WA. Seat pan is a red cedar burl with epoxy finish the rest is poly. o ya baby a few new picts for ya
  3. custom seat

    This was a pretty cool chair, built custom for some folks I met at a show. I built a little table off one side that can be an arm rest too and let some roots go wild at the top to hang things from. Built from cedar roots, the seat is a big chunk of root too, I love the compression grain in a...
  4. driftwood entrance way

    This is one of my biggest projects so far, the entrance way is made of cedar roots with hundreds of scribe fits, it took over six months to complete. The cedar root mantle actually grew around the big stones. What a find, it was eight feet wide. I had a fab shop make some brackets that it hung...
  5. Pelican point project

    Pelican point is a friend of mine's building, that I got to do some custom work into. The first entrance is built from hundreds of cedar roots all scribed together to fit nice and tight finished out with a poly, the third picture is a glass fishing float I worked into the roots, there was a few...
  6. entrance bench

    Entrance bench made from cedar roots and cedar slab seat, I love trying to get a good flow of lines. I could only go so deep on the seat but I had a lot of wall space to play with. Thanks for lookin Jeffro
  7. fiddle head throne

    Built from salvaged cedar roots then carved to mix form and function.
  8. new chair

    Here is a new one I just got the shots, figured I would post them. made from cedar, fur, and red wood roots seat pan is cedar burl. this one had a nice laid back sit. Playing with sea weed letters as I was waiting for the clouds to pass
  9. Driftwood eagle

    Thais is a piece that ive been planing for the last few years, saving pieces to create the perfect movement. Ive been obsessed with it for a couple months and the energy is released. Take care LJ's Jeffro
  10. driftwood shelf seat

    Driftwood shelf seat,this is a really fun functional piece most of the roots are intertwined spruce roots and the tops are cut from the same piece of cedar root. It was a custom project for some good folks, it fit great in there home and they were pretty stoked. I put an oil finish on it and at...
  11. Jewelry holder

    I was requested to make a "bling holder". When I go on walks, I pull out roots that are sticking out of the road side banks, so I am not possitive what kind of wood it is. On the first one, I epoxied it to a rock I found and finished with poly. Yes the epoxy holds. I dropped the first one...
  12. mother natures great creation

    this is a giant redwood root I found in the woods of northern california growing pains from the struggles of life and creation have caused this piece to come to life the question is now that it has been found what to do with it now do i sand it and finish it or do i leave it the way it is do i...
  13. Driftwood Horse bust

    Hello Lj's Summer flew by hope you all got to make a bunch of saw dust. Here is another piece my lady and finished up, it turned out to be a pretty strong piece. I have a few more newbies to share pretty soon. Thanks Jeffro @jeffro_art for...
  14. horse from the sea

    Built from salvaged driftwood, years of collecting to capture the life and energy of this piece the beauty riding the horse also helped me create it, building this piece took several months, and evan getting some good shots took alot of preparation and planing, and a bottle of sauce for some...
  15. pair of rockers

    I just finished this pair of rockers for some folks, seats and backs are red cedar burl and the rest of the chairs are made from mixed roots. Its pretty tricky to make natural radiuses rock nice and the balance just rite, and not to mention building a pair that resemble each other. They turned...
  16. two new chairs

    A couple fresh ones made from cedar roots, seat pans were carved from old growth cedar burls. They both sat like a dream.
  17. Wood & Lumber
    Hi, I am fairly new to woodworking. I am looking for a type of wood that has medium to large root sizes, that grows more out than deep, and the roots once dried would be able to be worked with. I thought maybe cedar would be a good choice? Specifically, I am looking for possibly a cedar stump...
  18. Woodworking Skill Share
    I am about to start a project using some great looking padauk. Should I have any special considerations with gluing it up? I have never used exotic woods before. thanks for your help
  19. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    anyone interested in a lift for your router table, Jessem has some older models on sale for about half price, the Mast R lift sells for $330 on sale for $165, this is a good deal, I paid full price for mine a few years ago, I have not been disappointed, it is a good lift. these are being...
  20. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    The last few days I've been seeing a few amazing deals on CL and kept missing them. There was even a delta 8" jointer and Uni-Saw for FREE! Can you imagine that? Well, I found a Makita 2040 15" planer listed for $50 so I jumped on it and got it. To get it, we had to drive 2hrs through through...
1-20 of 24 Results