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  1. Rockin' Rooster I made for my 3 yr old granddaughter Audrey Rose.

    This was made the same as my other 3 wooden toys…but this one I made to be used by a child. The others could be used by a small child as well…but I did not want the hassle of liability…that is the reason I stated I was selling them as Decorative… and yes I have added the 3/4 dowel to hold on...
  2. Roosters - Whittling Twigs & Branches

    Made these roosters. Inspired by the book Whittling Twigs & Branches, 2nd Edition: Unique Birds, Flowers, Trees & More from Easy-to-Find Wood by Chris Lubkemann
  3. Bringing a Smile: Whittling a Limb Y-Branch Folk-Art Rooster for Luella

    A good friend of mine had his mother, Luella, in the hospital, and she was not doing well. She had been through a lot of struggles with her health, and seemed to be losing the battle. I had been worrying about her, and thinking about her a lot. I remembered a fun afternoon we spent at her...
  4. Inlay Cutting Boards

    Hi All! I made these cutting boards for a friend and her mom. She told me she had a "star" theme in her kitchen and that her mom liked roosters, so these are what I came up with! Both boards are made from cherry, walnut, and padouk. The star and rooster were inlayed into the boards using a...
  5. Gazebo, & Deck. My Summer Awards Entry

    _*I didn't have the time to build anything new for this contest, because of Barb's recent illness. It has interfered with shop time. During her recovery, I'm now the chief cook, & bottle washer. ;) Martin said we could enter something old. How about 25 years old? This project was done in two...
  6. Rooster In The House

    This rooster heralds the beginning of my woodworking experiences. It was the weather vane in Dad's backyard raspberry patch many years ago. After Dad passed on, the rotted post collapsed, and the rooster began to rust. I found it in a pile of stuff in the garage, and refurbished it. With a...
1-6 of 6 Results