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  1. PENS!!

    I started a new job back in spring and haven't had time for any major projects, but when I've had a few minutes I've turned a few pens! 1. Baron Fountain pen with Bimble Box wood 2. El Toro Fountain pen w/ Osage Orange 3. Half Twist Pen and Pencil set w/ Maple Burl 4. Half Twist Pen w/ Gun...
  2. lighter holder

    A nobody puts this lighter accidentally to pocket from table. Made from pine and finish whit lacquer for bouts. I used only these tools: Is it called carving if I didn't use no knife or chisel ? More pictures from making process in my Blog. PS:What is English word for that plate where my...
  3. Three Birdseye Pine Pens, made as gifts.

    OK, just showing off a few pens that I made as gifts. (All custom requests) They are all made with some of the "Birdseye Pine" that I spotlighted in a previous project posting. (Check out the story on where I got the wood) Top Pen: Rollerball Jr. Gentlemen's II - Titanium Hardware Middle...
  4. Artisan Americana Rollerball Pen - Amboyna Burl

    It has been quite a while since I posted a project. I completed this last night and thought I would post it. Finished with CA and polished to 16K. This is the pen kit I used. The finish specific metal finish is Rhodium.
  5. Carribean Rosewood pen

    I've been building a bookcase which will hopefully be ready for a finish next weekend. Still, I made time for one pen. Harold (Splinter99 at IAP) sold me some Carribean Rosewood blanks. They're really nice: turn swell, polish up real fine, and have lots of chatoyance. Matched to a Copper Baron...
  6. Another Pen for me!

    I took advantage of the promotion at PSI for their Majestic Jr starter kit. Since I love using a rollerball and my first pen used a wood that was too dark for people to notice it was not made of plastic I thought I would make another pen for myself to use at work. This kit is far nicer than...
  7. Marketplace Classifieds
    I have a customer who has damaged a pen that I built for her. I have contacted the vendor that I purchase my pen kits from and they don't have a spare part that I need to make the repair. I would need to purchase a whole new pen kit just for the one part, kind of bummed about that. The...
  8. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
1-8 of 8 Results