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  1. Marking Gauge From Scrap Wood (video)

    Today, I made a great scrap wood project, that will come in very handy around the shop :) Please Subscribe!
  2. NYC Hudson Street

    Look at how beautiful this came out. Located on Hudson Street, NY, NY. on TOP of a building!!
  3. Beware of the LED Dog

    I don't claim this to be a great piece of woodworkery. It obviously isn't. But I thought it was a kinda interesting idea, and I learnt some things along the way that might help anyone who fancies the idea avoid some pitfalls. I've made 3 "Beware of the dog" signs - one for us, one for some...
  4. Silver Maple HF

    This was turned from piece of spalted silver maple crotch wood. 5" H x 4" W finished with wipe on poly. The wood was a little pulpy and there are still a few pot marks but overall the finish didn't come out to bad. Really liked the grain in this wood, I hope I did it justice. Thanks for looking...
  5. Cedar Mirror frames

    I was hired to build 2 frames for two mirror's for a bath room. They wanted it to be able to hold some towels for decoration, so I used a couple of horse shoe's. I think these are my best frames yet, but I still need to build a miter sled. It would have been nicer miters.
  6. Yet another butcher block table, now with hooks!

    This one is mahogany and cherry with some maple, padouk and. walnut highlights. The client wanted some hooks for hanging utensils, so that's what he got. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I dominoed the top into the apron, which was alot of fun lining up but I figured it out eventually...
  7. Workbench

    Hey folks - long time since I've posted due in part to some health related issues. I grew tired of my old bench and decided to make one that is a bit heavier and more steady. I've always admired the shaker style benches with drawers and decided to give that a go. The only "fancy" addition are...
  8. Humididor #1

    This is a bass wood box, chip carved with a double lace border, simple grid and monogrammed for my son-in-law. The inside is lined with 1/2 spanish cedar. I used rare earth magnets for the closing clasps rather than an external latch to hold the edges down tight. Finish is a spray on satin...
  9. Magnetic Catch Salt Cellars

    These are among my favorite boxes to use because of the top on the brass pin pivot and the magnetic catch. These were my first two attempts and I ran into some problems with both of them. The first is from Sycamore, which I love; but I once again had the problem of measuring once instead of...
  10. Teak and Glass Feeder

    This is my weekend bird feeding project. The shallow platform is not intended to stock food like a feeder - It is designed for leftover treats that will not fit in one (bread/crackers). The glass base is easy to clean and nothing to rust or get chewed up. The teak wood was salvaged from parts...
  11. Washer and Dryer storage

    I decided my wife…er, umm, .. We, needed more room by the washer and dryer. Built out of construction grade 1×6 pine, wood glue, and dowels. Nothing fancy. Two coats of poly, not stain. I purposely picked out the grayed pine. Did a little seam with my router down the edges for character in the...
  12. Outdoor Bench

    I made this bench a couple of years ago for my youngest daughter and her family. They asked if I could build a bench that looks like the one in the last posted pic. This was the first bench I had ever attempted but it came out ok. It is built using treated pine 2×8 and 6×6.
  13. Thirst aid station

    Made from fence cedar and bamboo. No metal of any kind. Used a torch for the burning effect and then spray polyurethens, not even dry yet. Also a question; what styl is it? I never know what to call my style. What is gree and green?
  14. Park Bench

    This Steve Ramsey inspired park bench caught my attention and I knew I had to build one. It is very sturdy and durable. That is my very first project and I'm proud of it.
  15. Drill Press Cabinet on wheels

    Here's my latest project: The Drill press cabinet. I have like 4 concurrent projects right now and they are all making progress, so I'm glad to get this one out of the way. This is based upon Woodsmith's dill press cabinet plans. I had to modify it to fix my DP base which is wider than what...
  16. Shadow Box for Retired Navy Fire Controlman

    This was a Shadowbox I made for a friend out of Walnut several years ago.
  17. Stereoscope-for someone special

    I know there are several stereoscopes on LJ's that are far nicer than this, but what makes this one special is who it was made for…Mr. Paul Vance. Last winter I found out about a gentleman who lives in a nearby town and has a collection of aviation memorbelia that he has collected in his...
  18. dresser

    This is a hard maple dresser for my son. He is 5 months old. He thanks me for it everyday. :) I finish all my work with a waterborne clear and then buff it out. This dresser turned out very nice.
  19. Child's bed with storage

    This is a bed for my younger son, currently 3. It's finished to match a bed on the other side of the room which is AWESOME but I haven't posted it yet here. This one is built to slide in under the windowsill at the head, overhangs the baseboard on the side, and has a storage box to fill the...
  20. Humidor

    This is my first project after building my own router table. The humidor is made of Andiroba with some Walnut trim and lined with Spanish cedar. It also contains a tray insert made of Spanish cedar as well. I used finger joints on the sides and filled any gaps with black resin. I then applied a...
1-20 of 137 Results