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  1. Wood & Lumber
    I just visited AZ Woody's place Sunday. The visit was made because over the last couple years, I've threatened myself with going out there just because. After he invited me and the LJ locals for a gathering on Saturday, I accepted right away, then realized I had another engagement. So, I drove...
  2. Off Topic Coffee Lounge
    On Saturday I visited a well know woodworker Tom McLaughlin at Epic Woodworking I wrote a blog entry for those of you that would like to read it
  3. Blogs
    The Timber Kid is coming to America Next year I have a longer summer break, before I start my apprentaship. I was planning on going to america to meet family anyway, but I thought it would be cool to come and meet some of you. After a few hours of thinking and looking through the adress book...
1-4 of 4 Results