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  1. You Name It - This Week's Woodstuffs

    These are a few of the items made and shipped this week. I use a 1974 Craftsman bandsaw with an eighth inch blade. Sand to 320 grit. They measure 5/8×5/8×2-4 inches, and are finished with three coats of lacquer. The woods pictured are Figured Cuban Mahogany, Cherry, Narra (amboyna), Paduak...
  2. Central African Wenge Ring with Fine Brass Inlay

    Latest addition to the prototypes. Steamed and Bent Wenge - shaped and polished with 9 step micro-mesh. Using Behlen Wood turner's finish and Behlen topcoat for these.
  3. Bentwood Ring (Ebony)

    This particular project is a ring made from a single strip of exotic Ebony using the bentwood method, without the use of power tools of any kind. It was then hand-sanded and finished with multiple coats of a polymerized linseed oil and beeswax mix that provides durability while maintaining its...
  4. bottle opener, hook and ring game

    Hi all. This is a game called hook and ring or bimini or ring the bull. Tie a string to a ring and swing it to capture the hook. I had a piece of cherry i wanted to find something to do with so… the finish is spray on poly. I gave this to a friend who loves to play different games. And yes that...
  5. 2 Ring Puzzle

    Just finished a couple of stocking stuffers. The 2 ring puzzles are very simple and quick to build and they are fascinating to solve.
  6. Gun Stock Carving: Walnut Stock Carved with a Wildlife Scene, Flying Ring Necked Pheasant & Oak Leaf

    This was a commissioned project. This gun was the third and final part of a set of guns I did for a family in Wichita, Kansas. You can see the Quail Carving by clicking here You can see the Tom Turkey Carving by clicking here If you have a gunstock that you would like to have...
  7. Go-Rilla Ring

    Well, the contest stated that Gorilla glue must be used. I kinda took it to an extreme. Other than the glue itself, the only other ingredient is different kinds of sawdust. Yeah, sawdust. I had three flavors to choose from. a) Very fine walnut dust from the sander. b) Table saw rip curls of...
  8. Poplar Ring Finished With CA

    I wouldn't have known this was Poplar wood unless the tag from Home Depot was labeled as such. I am pretty ignorant to the different wood types by sight, but this was a cool looking greenish grey colored grain. I bought just a two foot by 3 inch length of it because I knew I was going to make...
  9. Bentwood Ring (Zebrawood)

    Here is another bentwood ring I've made from a single strip of Zebrawood. Came out a bit thicker than I would have liked, because I experimented with a 12" strip as opposed to my usual 10". Will revert back to the 10" again in the future. I'm also looking into purchasing a dremel for...
  10. Plywood Ring Made From Subflooring

    I have a bunch of scraps left over from my rocking bench project, and I decided to make a ring out of it. This stuff is on inch and an eighth subflooring plywood, so I had to cut it down to it's current width so it wouldn't be too thick. It's finished in CA, with no stain. I like these and I...
  11. Spalted Maple and Stainless ring

    Spalted Maple and stainless steel ring turned on lathe. CA finish. Ring core from
  12. Purple Heart and Maple Ring Box

    I made this small ring box as a Mother's Day gift for my wife to house birthstone rings of our two children. It's made out of purpleheart and maple scraps that I had laying around the garage and finished with spray on shellac. I used offset rare earth magnets as the hinge and stop. It measures...
  13. MiniTag Mania

    These are Cocobolo, Paduak and Purpleheart, respectively. They measure approximately 7/16" high, 1/4" thick and 2 - 2 3/4" long.
  14. Moorish influenced Lidded Box

    A small Maple woodturned lidded box influenced by Moorish architecture :)
  15. Lightly Scorched Lidded Box from Maple

    A ring box from Maple. I used a propane torch to accent the grain. Finished with Boiled Linseed Oil and Beeswax :)
  16. Make your own bentwood ring

    Since I posted the bentwood rings that I made I got a lot of questions about how to make them and how they are made. To answer all of those questions I have made these two videos. First video is about preparation and what do you need. Second video is about bending, gluing up and finishing the...
  17. New Wedding Band African Blackwood and Padauk

    I've lost a little weight and needed a new wedding band so I made this from Blackwood and Padauk. Center ring is slightly slanted for character.
  18. Alumilite Ring

    This is my first attempt at making a ring. I cast the Alumilite and then turned the ring from that on the lathe.
  19. Open Back Banjo

    Fun Project. Turned out well, and quite playable which is most important. The dark wood is Jatoba, and the light wood is Maple. Jatoba is quite hard so I used that for the fingerboard as well. What I discovered about building a banjo is that the hardware is much more expensive than the wood...
  20. Bocote Ring with Brass

    I have not posted anything in awhile,I have been in Kentucky with my dad, who has a brain tumor and has had to go thru alot of treatment and things to try and shrink it. God has been with him and my family to help us thru it. In my time while helping taking care of him, I found a little free...
1-20 of 305 Results