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  1. ZCI from a ZCI

    A couple years back I picked up one of the Leecraft ZCI's and have loved it ever since. It fits my tablesaw perfectly and the adjustment screens make sure I get it dead level. However, at ~$25 a pop it would get expensive to have one for each blade, especially if you think about a dado stack...
  2. Mobile Air Cleaner done dirt cheap!

    I have been meaning to acquire or make one of these for a long time… I recently upgraded my furnace in the house, so I kept the fan for just this purpose. There is nothing at all glamorous about this, but it works great (quiet too) and doesn't take up any more room in the shop. When I started...
  3. Laser Cut Center Finder Jig from MDF

    I made this drawing and jig to avoid a 20-mile drive in the rain to WoodCraft. I guess I saved a few bucks, since I have easy access to a Laser Engraver. Check out the details at
  4. Cherry Step Stool with Maple Accents

    Cherry step stool with maple accents finished with tung oil.
  5. Walnut Coffee Grinder

    My wife loves coffee and one day touring the local antique stores I saw an old vintage coffee grinder. I thought that would be nice for her but thought I could make a new one. This is made from walnut with about 7 coats of wipe on Poly. The grinder mechanism I forged from molten ingots of solid...
  6. Project made From the scrap bin

    I have trouble putting any size wood in the trash pile, save it all. So here are a few examples of what can be made from the scrap bin. biker 3×5 Baltic birch on pine base. Freedom also baltic birch, cat pine, girl baltic birch on popular base, take one unknown wood, yorkie pine walnut and ebony
  7. Chair Makers Shaving Horse

    Hi this is a redo of a shaving horse I built in the early 80's. I customized it so I could use it to make Windsor chair spindles (for the backs of chairs). I purchased some rawhide and laminated it to a grooved platform and then made a cylindrical top member that is also laminated with...
  8. Mission Style Stairs

    Made with quartersawn white oak. I added lights to the bottoms of some of the treads makes late night trips to the fridge much safer!!
  9. A river runs through it

    I had some oak cut a while back and decided to build a bar for my nephews back yard. The top piece I chose had a nice void in it at one end. I used some granite river rocks and turquoise to fill the void and a few other small places. The top and shelf are mortised with the legs. I did an epoxy...
  10. Cherry and walnut bench from a slab I milled.

    A while back I posted some photos of a cherry log I cut into slabs. Today I roughed out a bench from one of the slabs. It has one coat of tung oil and I'll use 0000 stainless steel wool to rub in several more coats, then after 30 days or so, I'll finish it...

    Our daughter wanted something to dress up her fireplace mantel. She showed me a picture of this and asked if "dad" could make this. No problem and it was easier than I thought.
  12. T7

    This is a bedside table that is made of mahogany, ebony details and Turkish tiles for the top surface. It has a hidden drawer underneath the cabinet that's set back about 3". Simply reach under, hope there aren't any new and scary spider occupants and slide the drawer out. This is where James...
  13. Router Dado Jig

    My first jig ever. I'm going to be building a massive closet storage system in our new house soon and I wanted to make clean, easy dados for many of the shelves. I got the idea from a publication I found on the web. The link is below. Mine isn't as pretty since I our local home store doesn't...
  14. Quilt Frame w/acrylic inlay

    My mom made this small decorative quilt that she wanted me to frame. I made the frame from some old oak I had laying around. The corners are half lap joints that extend out of the corners only 3/16 inch. I made the inlay by cutting thin slices off an acylic pen blank. I was inspired by this...
  15. Cutting Boards

    My first cutting board with a drain grove
  16. Murphy bed Ross White | Custom

    This is my Ross Murphy bed that was completed in April 2009. The face of this one is two raised panel doors and 4 drawers on the bottom. For the legs/locking latches, I moved them out to the edge so the face would be unobstructed. I added some crown and trim to this one and painted it in a...
  17. Small Padauk Bandsawn Box

    My first bandsawn box from two years ago. Simple but I like it. Made from a scrap of Padauk.

    This is the first plaque I made on my CNC machine using a 90* V bit. It is made from red oak, finished with armor seal/paste wax and measures 9" wide X 13" high. Thanks for looking!
  19. Rigid 4512 Assembled

    Although this isn't a review I'll do one in a few months after I do a lot of projects on it It was a project in assembling it So far the assembly was quite long mainly because all the little adjustment needed to true it up and square it off… Let start off by saying it's truly a remarkable...
  20. Lockable Bench Dogs

    Always looking for a better way to lock a bench dog so you can plain thin stock and not have the hand plane knock the dog into the bench. The latest pair of 'lockable' square dogs are a nice way to use up small pieces of exotic wood. The bigger kingwood one fits my bench and the smaller...
1-20 of 66 Results