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  1. Who Needs a CNC? Carving a Sign Free Hand with a Router..and FIRE

    Hey guys, I wanted my logo for my shop/website/channel to be something physical tangible while at the same time trying something fun. I used Ridgid's new trim router and one of the weed burner/baby flamethrowers to free hand carve a few signs out a walnut crotch and a maple burl I had laying...
  2. Blogs
    My 5 Most Used RIDGID Cordless Tools Not sure if any of you saw the cache of RIDGID tools I got a while back, but I have been trying all of them out for a few months and these are the 5 that I found really changed the way I work the most. I also include some really brief insight into each of...
1-2 of 2 Results