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  1. 1962 Woodshop Project Recycled

    I took Woodshop back in 1962. I made a coffee table and end table for my parents which they used for many years. While getting the house ready for sale in 1998, I discovered the tables. I kept them thinking that someday I would do something with them. That time has come. That woodshop class...
  2. Ribbon Box

    I had this scrap piece of spalted poplar and a small piece of walnut. So with some cutting, routing, sanding and gluing, I made one of these. Finish is spray lacquer .. which stinks to high heaven when applying. Fun little project. I am sure I'll be making more. Thanks for looking.
  3. Finished ribbon box

    I wanted to try a ribbon box, so I grabbed some scrap poplar and pine and gave it a try. The ribbon was cut using a scroll saw. For my first attempts I always use cheap wood. The box is a simple butt joint, nothing fancy. Fun project. Plan on making more in the future for sure. Finished with a...
  4. A Ribbon Box, and another, and another and you will see

    Yep, 62 in total. 2 have managed to sneak away already. One more slated to go on Monday. The remainder for the daughter's baby shower favors, coming in mid January. Woods used: Cherry: box sides and top Ash: white in ribbon Walnut: brown in ribbon Poplar: box bottom...
1-4 of 4 Results