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  1. Arts 'n Crafts(ish) Sideboard

    This was built primarily as a changing table for my brother-in-law and his wife. It's mostly black walnut with some tinted sweetgum (I ran out of walnut). The corner pieces are rhododendron and the pulls are Lilac. The rhododendron has almost the same qualities and color as holly except not...
  2. Cups from Rhododendron

    The remnants of the rhododendron log were laying by the lathe so I turned them into these two cups. One is a goblet with a captured ring and the other is a short cup from the last piece of stock. They are finished with Shellawax. For reference, the goblet is 6" high. Cheers, Jim
  3. Two whistles

    Last summer, when i visited my grandparents in Ticino, I made two whistles from rhododendron wood. They sound beautifully, the smaller one has a sharp, high tone while the bigger one has a warm, deep tone. they use slightly different techniques to create the tone. If there's interest, i might do...
  4. Blogs
    My First Shop Made Tool When I purchased my lathe it was a floor display and had been used a couple times for Demos at the local Woodcraft. I got a great deal on it because I had called the Woodcraft in Seattle up and inquired about on hand stock and was told they had three so I took the...
1-4 of 4 Results