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  1. Dust Collection
    I had a small,cheapy battery powered vac we used in the home and car occasionally, but it was sad. Given that we wanted something better for small house, car and shop tasks and I have gone into the Ryobi cordless system, I looked at online reviews and picked it up from Home Depot. I've had it...
  2. Rebuilt lathe tool holder

    The original idea for this came from Gerry(TheDane) and is in another project. As I used my chucks and changed from one to another I would lay them on the lathe headstock, table to right of lathe, router table to the left of lathe or anywhere close. I didn't have a specific place to put them...
  3. Maginifer Necklace

    During my last pen order I ordered up something new to try. "Artisan Magnifier Necklaces" I got them a couple of nights ago and decided to turn one tonight. I had a single tube already glued up that did not have a mate for my twist pens so this was perfect. The first pic shows how it came out...
  4. Custom Wooden Pistol Handle for Taurus Judge

    A coworker of mine heard about my woodworking addiction and asked if I would be interesting in creating a custom wooden handle for a pistol he had. When I started thinking about it I thought that maybe it was a Colt 1911 and I could simply make some custom grips that screwed into the metal...
  5. Testle Table

    I got the Mahogany strips from a local mill that was throwing them out as trash. I planed them to an even thickness (no measuring, just stopped planning when they had 2 clear faces), then glued up 4 sub assemblies, planed the sub-assemblies and then glued them together, did some light...
  6. Bradford Pear Coasters and caddy

    I made these for a friend for Christmas. Simple little things they were to make. Used my new drill press to help make the holder for them too. Turned out pretty nice I thought.
  7. Basket weave Cutting Board

    Got this idea from Duckarrowtypes. Made it for my wife for christmas. She was a bit nervouse to use it. In the end she did, and she loves it! Worked out great, just had to pay particular attention to sizing. Glue up took about an hr. the final size is 13×20. Woods are; figured maple...
  8. Wild Cherry Gun Rack

    Back in June I was down in Georgia at a family reunion, and my Dad's cousin gave me some wild cherry he had cut down several years ago. A lot of it was checked and split up, but I did find some pieces that were big and in good enough condition to make something out of. Knowing my Dad's cousin as...
  9. Lumber storage rack

    I made these supports from laminated 2×6 lumber and carriage bolted them to the floor joists. I have about 400 pounds of wood on them now and they hold like a champ.
  10. Dyed Ash Bowl

    After about 2 years of telling myself that I want to try Trifern's method of dying a turning, I finally broke down and purchased a few of the dyes. I kept telling myself they were too expensive. Well, having a Rockler giftcard in hand I pulled the trigger and attempted to follow Trifern's...
  11. Workbenches

    I specialize in making workbenches and storage units for workshops. Above are just a few of the workbenches that I have put together for people.
  12. "Cozy in the Woods" a Maple Burl pierced relief carving of an Oak Tree by Gary Burns the treewiz

    I haven't posted for a while. Been very busy! But I did want to share this one. One of my recent favorites! This piece measures 21 1/4" tall x 13" wide x 1 5/8" thick. This is one of the thickest pieces that I have done a tree in for a while. It adds a lot to the depth of a piece this size...
  13. First box.

    This is my first attempt at making a box. It is about 7 X 3 X 3 1/2 inches. the top is walnut and the bottom is elm ?. I used boiled linseed oil as a finish. It is just butt joints and glue to hold it all together.
  14. Apple mermaid

    This curvacious lady was hidding in a MacInntosh orchard for many years.
  15. Acadian style Table & Bench set

    ACADIAN STYLE BENCH features solid cypress construction and tapered legs that compliment lines of the Acadian style Table. See more at
  16. Deck Chairs

    These adjustable deck chairs are made of yellow pine. They will adjust from straight-backed to reclining positions. Thanks goodness for CAD to help design the components.
  17. Rolf - Elf Tree Ornament

    Meet Rolf…Rolf was carved from a block of northern Wisconsin basswood, painted with acrylic washes and finished with a satin Deft sealer. He is 4" tall x 2" wide. Rolf is available for purchase at...
  18. End Grain patterned box

    So about a year ago I bought this mixed box of exotic woods from rockler. After it sat under my workbench for about a year I finally decided to do something with it. I took all of the wood and squared up all of the edges. I went to work putting it all together like a puzzle and ended up with a...
  19. Mahogany Arts and Craft style Desk clock

    Made this clock from these plans for my grandpa for his 91st birthday. Learned that Mahogany is a really soft wood…
1-20 of 500 Results