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    Disston No. 12 Handsaw with Cone Nuts and Washers Disston No. 12 Handsaw with Cone Nuts and Washers The No. 12 handsaw was one of Disston's premium saws. They began producing the saw sometime in the 1860s and discontinued its production when the model D-12 was introduced in 1928. During this...
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    This week in the shop: an old tool tote Last year a very dear friend died after a full life. She was a very practical lady, and after she took care of items that she wanted the family to have, she made arrangements for the rest of her possessions to be organized and set up so that her extended...
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    Restoration of an Infill Plane View on YouTube I had gotten this plane off of ebay initially. The seller is actually selling her father's antique collection, sadly he passed away at a young age from cancer and has left her his collection. I decided to restore the plane and give her a little...
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    Motivation for a bandsaw tune-up LJ Gang- I've been doing a bandsaw tune-up, and thought I'd post the end result to motivate folks that might have been putting this off. Uh, like yours truly. These are a test dovetail corner I cut to see how it all worked out. And here is a 7.5" resaw...
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    Cold Night Cleaning Planes Just received some planes in the mail and wanted to get them on the shelf and ready for use. Hit that subscribe button.
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    Fixing Up a Couple Woodworking Chisels I don't usually get lucky at yard sales and flea markets when it comes to finding old woodworking tools but I recently came across a couple chisels and a gouge that needed some handles and some time at the sharpening station.
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    Restoration of radial arm saw - Montogomery Wards TCP 2610E 4/17/2018 Purchased for $20 - craigslist I already have one fully functional Craftsman radial arm saw and a DeWalt that I plan to restore later. Why buy this Montgomery Wards saw? I've been wanting one ever since I found out it has...
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    Bay State Saw Works Handsaw Restoration Found a handsaw at local antique shop. I was surprised at how good of condition it was in. For this restoration I decided to try sandblasting the hardware and was surprised at how well it turned out. See the results in the video! Make sure to hit that...
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    Old Hand Drill Restoration from Goodell-Pratt Company I was passed this old drill down from my great uncle. Glad to have it, get it rust free and now can be passed to my children. View on YouTube
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    Restored Stanley No 8 I recently restored a No 8 that I picked up a while ago. I had to make a replacement tote and thus made a matching knob as well. I used African Rosewood, quite like how they turned out. It almost make grandpa's No 7 look small in comparison. It is the first time that I...
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    Now to Fix This? Here's an old desk that's broken and has a very worn finish. This was a challenge I took on and filmed the whole process. I hope you enjoy this video. I'd love to hear what you think! Link to Video->
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    Ohio Tool Co #306 Plane Restoration I recently picked up this OTC #306 plane from an antique store. It wasn't it bad condition and made this restoration even easier. Check out the video.
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    Buying a Junk Lot of Hand Saws I like searching through Ebay looking for deals, different items, and pretty much surprises. The other week I found a hand saw lot that was labeled at "Junk" Hand Saws. After a little bit of elbow grease these ended up being pretty good user saws. Now granted, not...
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    Stanely No 31 Restoration I found this plane online for a very good price, one that couldn't be passed up even with no info. The seller didn't include and marking on the body or the iron so it was a shot in the dark. At first glance you could barley make out the name Stanley so i was already in...
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    Stanley No 7 Handplane Restored this Stanely No 7 View on YouTube
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    How to replace a broken chair leg? I had a customer bring me back a broken chair that I had already repaired. At first my heart stopped thinking I had failed my customer. Upon inspection, the chair leg broke in a different spot… the solution… build a new chair leg. I'm sharing this video to...
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    Restoration of a Stanley No 5 Handplane I have been looking for a stanley no 5 handplane for a long time. Around my parts people think they are gold. I ended up finding this one for a mere $10. Check it out and let me know what you think. View on YouTube
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    Easterly & CO Plow Plane Restoration Taking an old Easterly & Co plane and bringing it back to a user state. Check it out here
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    Wooden Jack Plane Restoration I have had this jack plane for a couple months now. It has been sitting there in the dark corner waiting for repairs. The body on this plane was pretty good shape, but the iron was rusty and it had no tote. I have no beech wood or apple wood so I went to my local...
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    Norris A5 Restoration After looking for many years and losing many auctions, I finally won a Norris A5 smoother for a reasonable price. I knew it needed a lot of work, but at least it looked doable. It turned out to be a rollercoaster ride with a number of heart-stopping moments. Here are the...
481-500 of 500 Results