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  1. Rifle case

    My step-father got a new rifle. He was keeping it in the cardboard shipping box. So, of course, I had to make him something better. He picked out the hardware and the felt for the lining. (Yes, the felt is supposed to look almost faded in spots.) Used baltic birch ply for the panels. Had...
  2. Schrodingers Box - The Quantum Dovetails, A Wooden box of Uncertainty

    We all get caught up in things we can't control, and this was my catharsis from that. Inspired by Erwin Schrodinger's thought experiment involving a cat, radiation, and poison I built a box to contain my own uncertainties. I wanted to join it with something interesting, so I figured some 3...
  3. Entry Way Coat Rack and Shelf

    Made this coat rack for my entry way over the course of the last few weekends. The big disaster on this project was deciding to do the glueup at 4 AM after working most of the night. I wasn't prepared at all, ran out of Titebond in the glue bottle and substituted Gorilla glue… Also glued up...
  4. Mushroom box

    What a fun project this was. I took a block of poplar and drilled holes into it. I taped off one side and filled the holes with a blue epoxy resin. Let cure, and then cut out the mushroom shape with the bandsaw. Poplar isn't the most dense wood and the resin bled into surrounding grain so i...
  5. Cholla Cactus Bangle

    It's made from the Jumping Cholla Cactus skeleton which grows in Arizona cast in Allumilite dyed epoxy resins - This is a Rose color. Check it out and my others on Etsy: Thank you
  6. Maple Burl Hybrid Cast Sphere

    This sphere is turned from a small piece of big leaf maple burl that has been cast in alumilite resin, to make use of what would otherwise be a piece of wood too small to be useful. This is my first attempt at a sphere, and as such there are a few missteps or opportunities in it. First, I used...
  7. Casted resin metallic pigment slimline pen

    A casted clear resin with metallic pigment mixed in slimline pen. My first attempt at casting resin - couple of small defects but happy with the pen overall. Very happy with the finish - I've never managed to get wood to take a CA finish like this.
  8. Pomelle Sapele table with and amber and gold inlay

    Really interesting color in this Sapele slab, thought I should share! The grain is fabulous but I though the natural color change from the sap to heartwood was a feature that deserved to be shown off. So, I inlaid amber and gold with the grain to frame each color…pretty wood! The base was...
  9. Brass ice cream scoop with a canary wood/resin handle

    Was cleaning out one of my cabinets and ran across the brass ice cream scoop kit. Not sure where I got it or how long it has been laying around but decided to make a handle for it. While at Rockler Woodworking I ran across a piece of canary wood that was cracked and had a big chunk missing...
  10. Yinsh

    This was a prototype to see if the size was right and if I liked the resin inlay. The game is like checkers and connect 5. I think I'll remake it with triangles a little larger.
  11. Keychain pup walking stick

    Keychain pup. (Trouble loading other pics, more on my Facebook page Had a lovely stick of cherry that had 2 handles. I didn't know which one to cut off, so I left them both. The only problem was that it had a crack. I decided to fill the void with resin...
  12. Wenge / Resin Wood Necklace Pendants

    A set of wenge and resin necklaces for my wife's boutique clothing store. Cast as a single block and this time using a pressure pot to make the casting as clear as possible to really show off the wenge colors. I split the block with bandsaw and sliced them into individual sizes. Then I used a...
  13. Wilbur's new crib

    With impending arrival of our new twins, I decided to make a place for the dog to sleep. Because I wasn't convinced that I could make a safe and good looking pair of cribs in time so I mad a crib for the dog. What I ended up with is this Cherry and Maple dog crate which is held together with...
  14. Oak and Walnut Secretary Desk with Resin River

    This is my best and cleanest project to date (and my first posted here at Lumber Jocks!). It's a secretary desk made mostly of oak, with a fold-out front made of walnut (personally harvested by me and my dad) with a resin river. Since I only have a couple hours most days to work, it took me...
  15. Glowing LED Resin River Table with Tutorial

    I made my first table! I've always loved resin river tables, and I've used epoxy resin for art and jewelry but never on this scale before. It turned out stunning.. plenty of imperfections but I still absolutely love it. I used East Coast Resin and a live edge walnut slab. I do electronics...
  16. Hand carved Wood/Resin hybrid cosplay wand with LED embedment

    Just finished (maybe 20 minutes ago) this hybrid wood/resin wand a friend commissioned from me for cosplay/larp. He is a big fan of resin work, and challenged me to build a "lightning wand" that would also light up. Unfortunatlly form me, my lathe is still not operational so this was all done...
  17. Floating Epoxy Waterfall Table

    I went out on a limb and made this epoxy waterfall table out of a cherry slab and some epoxy resin. It was a fun new project as it was my first time using with resin and first time to weld a metal base. I have a full tutorial video if you are interested in seeing the process. Thanks! Brad
  18. "Blue Tide" (Hybrid Sphere)

    Hybrid sphere made from epoxy resin & maple burl.
  19. "Aqueous" (Hybrid glow-in-the-dark Ornament)

    Hybrid glow-in-the-dark ornament made from epoxy resin & maple burl.
1-20 of 126 Results