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  1. Andy-Style Box #2, with Silver Medallion

    I finally finished my second attempt at an Andy-style art box as a gift for my cousin's wedding (made following the fine tutorials here ). My father made the silver repousse medallion with their initials, which we epoxied into a large forstner-made hole after the finish was dry. Since I now...
  2. Repousse Hammer

    I made this repousse/chasing hammer for my dad's christmas gift. He does a lot of hobby jewelry making and collects/uses these hammers. I fabricated the head myself by milling and grinding down some O1 tool steel drill rod, then my dad heat treated it in his digital kiln before I made the...
  3. Woodworking Skill Share
    A friend asked if I could repair some of his chairs that have become loose over the years. I said I would research it and see if I was in over my head. This is one of the chairs. It has eight spindles and loose seat legs. Has anyone repaired a chair like this? Any suggestions? How long, on...
1-3 of 3 Results