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  1. Custom Knife (STOLEN ITEM); Frontier Bowie with Elk Naturally Shed Antler Handle

    This knife has been "STOLEN", I'm sorry to say that this knife was shop-lifted from Gallery XII in Wichita, KS some time in the past couple of weeks, most likely on Friday 8-29-2008. I guess I should consider it a compliment that someone would be willing to commit a crime to get the knife...
  2. Custom Handmade Powder Horn Fine Silver Decoration Hardware Curly Mulberry Wood Cow Scrimshaw

    Powder Horn with Fine Silver Decoration: Horn Size: 14.25" end to end along curve Twist: Right Hand Hardware: Fine Silver Wood Butt End: Curly Mulberry Tip Plug: Cow Horn Tip with Fine Silver Rain Shield Display Stand: Black finished Pine & Dark Patina Brass This Powder Horn is FOR SALE in my...
  3. Day Two of the Renegade Woodcarving Rendezvous in Lebanon, TN.

    Day two was spent with Mitchell Cartledge. The roughout for this carving was intended as a hillbilly, but I saw something different in it. Uncle Sam is about 10 inches tall, basswood, acrylic paint.
  4. Day Three of the Renegade Woodcarving Rendezvous in Lebanon, TN.

    On day three, I was carving with Gary Falin. This Santa is about 7.5 inches tall.
  5. Day Four of the Renegade Woodcarving Rendezvous in Lebanon, TN.

    Day four was spent with Rich Wetherbee. I carved the first little bear in the morning, then the second in the afternoon. The first bear is dancing with joy as he just found out he was placed next to a large glass of…apple juice…yeah…I'll call it apple juice. The second bear was originally...
  6. Day Five of the Renegade Woodcarving Rendezvous in Lebanon, TN.

    Day five was spent with Floyd Rhadigan. This little Jester is about 6 inches tall and was the most difficult carving I did during the week. Trying to get knives and gouges into some of the places I needed to was quite challenging. Basswood and acrylics. (the crossed eyes were intentional)
  7. Designing Woodworking Projects
    This afternoon I planed two similar looking pieces of rough purpleheart to find them very different in grain and color. I thought I had made my decision as far as layout but they are very different and I am thinking it could ruin the look of the drawer fronts or the overall look of the cabinet...
  8. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    Last week I succumbed to the "you need a trim router" impulse and, using some BORG gift cards, I purchased a Ridgid R2401 along with a set of 1/4" bits. This past weekend, I had a few minutes free so I thought I would give it a try. It seems to be nicely made and fits the hand nicely. And...
  9. Blogs
    A Scrimshaw Art Journey: What it is & How to Do it; Five Simple Steps to Success A Scrimshaw Art Journey: A Lumberjock's "Short Version" of the Techniques for Decorating a Powder Horn by: Mark A. DeCou (This writing, photos, and artwork are protected by copyright by M.A...
  10. Designing Woodworking Projects
    Hi everyone, My Father-in-Law has an accoridan. Llike the one pictured here. The black faceplate around the buttons is missing. I need to make him one but not sure how to get the button holes placed correctly. Any ideas? Thanks Everyone
  11. Focus on the Workspace
    Take a look at these. "The shop is just through those doors. This is just where I come to relax." helluvawreck
1-11 of 11 Results