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  1. Last Supper Picture Religious Jesus and His Disciples

    This is a picture I had done awhile back. When the pattern came out it was made as a picture. I did a littlle different end result. I cut it out of 1/4" baltic birch, then my husband framed it with 3/4" x 1/4" Walnut on 3 sides. The base is 5"x24"x 5/8" Walnut. Picture over all dimensions...
  2. Crucifix of Jesus

    Carved this crucifix for a church in Georgia.
  3. Bible Box

    I made this for a friend to give as a Christmas gift. Made from locally sourced oak and maple. Star of David was hand cut on a scroll saw. The idea for the box came from a project I saw from Wayne's Woodenware. Thanks for looking.
  4. Prayer plaque

    Walnut background with Wenge crosses, 3 foot x 3 foot , with pegs to hang rosary beads. The crosses are inset into the plaque.The walnut was air dried giving it that lovely red cast.
  5. Faith Plaques

    These plaques are done with Walnut backgrounds and Red Oak ply on front. They're kind of cool because your carefully cut out the word Faith and you have two plaques that can be made. The one has a little more detail than the other, but they still look good. The little words cut out were such...
  6. Prayer kneeler a gift for my Mother in Law

    I have been asked in the past to build one of these prie dieu, or kneeler to me. Some reason it has never gotten in the rotation of projects. This year I decided to build it for my mother in laws birthday. Every Sunday I would measure rather by shoe method, or hand measure lengths and heights...
  7. St Jude Shrine

    An interesting and challenging project, all spanish cedar. Lacquer finish and acrylic paint for details.
  8. Sapele Cross

    One of my clients ordered this cross for her daughter. Sapele for the cross leaning on a piece of quartz and cedar for the base.
  9. Easter Crosses

    Easter 2020, when COVID blew everything up, I made some crosses out of old ceder fence pickets, then posted online offering no-contact porch dropoff (free) to anyone who wanted one. Ended up delivering about a dozen. Quick, fun, satisfying little project. Pickets are planed one side only, so...
  10. Cross in black walnut, correct ratio

    My wife has been asking for a simple cross to hang on the wall for quite some time now. Her birthday today was the perfect opportunity to oblige. Material is 3/4" Black Walnut from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I've had several boards sitting around waiting for the right projects. I made a simple...
  11. Praying Hands Plaque

    Carved Maple hands on 8" x 10" board. I can't recall the species of the plaque - can anyone out there name that species? The hands were carved on my CarveWright machine - the plaque was routed on my router table. The hands are mounted to the plaque by screws, from the back side.
  12. The Holy Family

    I completed the Holy Family Intarsia Project using Purpleheart, Blue Pine, Butternut, Mahogany, Aromatic Red Cedar, Hard Maple, Walnut, Ebony, Canarywood, and Sycamore.
  13. Walnut and Maple Crucifix

    This is a crucifix that I just finished as a Christmas gift for my (obviously Catholic) parents. It's made of walnut with maple inlaid through the center. I actually salvaged the maple from a tree that blew down in my parents' yard a few months back. The arms of the cross are capped with...
  14. Walnut Holy Water Font

    This is another Christmas gift, this one for my sis and brother-in-law. For the uninitiated, it's common tradition to hang a small vessel of holy water next to the entrances and exits of your home. One dips their finger and makes the sign of the cross when coming or going. It's made out of...
  15. Judas betrays Jesus - carving in mesquite

    Hi all- this is my first post here on the "projects" for lumberjocks, though I've certainly admired the work you all have posted in the past and enjoyed seeing your work. I know I have posted this on other forums and hope it is OK to post it here (I'm kind of proud of it) This is a 10×10...
  16. Dove Cross

    This is the first time I have worked with Box Elder wood. It is very easy to cut, almost too easy, it is very light and I just love the color variations. The cross measures 6 3/8" x 4 1/2" x 3/8" . The finish is a light coat of gloss poly. I like this cross, I have made a few of this...
  17. The Lord's Supper Intarsia Project

    How the Lord's Supper was Made. I was asked by Patricia Belden if I could construct an intarsia piece for the Windham Bible Church. Intarsia is a woodworking process that is essentially painting with wood. The process involves starting with a pattern that looks similar to a picture out of a...
1-20 of 42 Results