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  1. First Basswood Relief Carving- Work in Progress

    This is my first attempt at a Basswood relief carving. It's pretty challenging and time consuming, but I'm enjoying it. It is something new and different for me, as I usually carve in found woods. Starting with a perfect rectangle rather than a gnarled knot is a bit of a change, but a fun one...
  2. some more carvings

    a bison carving relief carving in white pine, finished dimension is 5 1/2"x 7" the other one is a tea light holder made of a fir 2×4, the first useful carving project ive done, besides spoons. Thanks for looking Mark
  3. Relief Carving Lighthouse

    One of my earlier relief carvings. Done on a basswood Plank with the bark attached the deepest relief is about 1/2 inch. Plank is approx 1 inch thick. Enjoy!
  4. Eagle Pierced- Relief Carving

    I carved this scene in a piece of Cherry. There is some natural bark on the top and a bit of burl throughout. This carving is 8" tall, 18" wide and 2" thick. This style of carving is called, "pierced relief". It is quite a time consuming style of carving, but very rewarding. I began shaping...
  5. some of my work, a relief carving and two woodburnings

    these are pics of some of my work. the goldfish is a releif carving on basswood. the woodburning of Gandolf is done on a basswood plank the Animi woodburning is done on a maple door. sorry the picture has shadows. lousy camera. this should hold you all over till i get some new work done.
  6. Luther's Rose

    Luther's Rose 32" diameter, 2" thick Hard Maple Finished with acrylic paints and top coated with sanding sealer and then paste wax. This project was commissioned this winter by a Lutheran Church in Massachusetts. The story behind this Reformation symbol is found at...
  7. "Winner Takes All" or "The End of Gluttony" or "Current Global Issues II"... you decide

    This piece is made from a single piece of Mahogany measuring 26"x26"x 10/4" which I discovered being tossed away as scrap at a prestigious, if not practical, craft school. The first two images are of the completed piece, the second being a detail shot. The other four pictures are sequential...
  8. Octopus Carving

    Hello All, This is a small low relief octopus carving I made for my wife, and my first attempt at carving beyond a couple of letters. The stock was approximately 10"×12" basswood available from the hobby stores. I attempted to copy this finish technique...
  9. Relief woodcarving: "Amalfi Coast"

    This scene is a composite of sketches made by Escher while living in Italy in the 1930's. The 16" x 27" basswood relief was carved in 2016. The entire carving was sealed with water-based polyacrylic before wiping gel stain into lines, creases and textures for emphasis.
  10. Grandpa's Watch Relief

    This is a relief carving - 12" x 15" basswood - of my own design. The grandfather clock has an antique pocket watch inset from the back. Also in the room is a pedestal table with flower arrangement, a cat on the window sill, and a sleeping dog. The view out the window includes trees and hills...
  11. Golden Eye Duck in Flight

    I was looking through my image files today, & found this one. As you can see this was carved in 1982. This was my first attempt at carving a Duck in flight. If you look at it closely, you'll see an error I made, & didn't discover it until I was halfway done. Rather than tossing it, I finished...
  12. Pierced Relief of Escher's "Bond of Union"

    This is a pierced relief carving based on M. C. Escher's "Bond of Union," in which two heads are reduced to intertwining ribbons. Some of the floating spheres of the original 1956 lithograph has been changed to hearts. The carving is 15" x 12" - 1-1/4" thick. "Pierced" means some of the relief...
  13. Portrait of a Man

    The original of this relief carving was a woodcut done by M. C. Escher in 1920 while a student in a school of decorative arts. This was long before the weird designs of his later life. This piece has a basswood cutout glued to black walnut,12" square. It was carved over four months using only...
  14. Woman with scars

    Carved in Milo wood. I use a variety of power carving, hand chisels, rifflers, rasps, files and sand paper. Mineral oil finish. I hope my art is thought provoking, not just a pretty thing to look at. The "scars" run down the right edge of the image and I rubbed red paint into those scratches and...
  15. Halloween Relief Sign

    Hey all, This was my first hand routed raised (Relief) sign. I drew up a quick pattern idea in photoshop this morning and went to work. The wood is 3/4 whitewood from HD. I glued on the pattern and routed out the detail with a 1/8 straight bit, and routed the rest with a 1/4 round nose bit for a...
  16. Hand carved dump truck

    This project is about 8 weeks in the making and it is a Christmas gift for the companies owner. This was made from a picture they gave me. Relief carving is new to me along with shading with stain but I think it turned out looking pretty good. The panel is approx. 4' x 3' x 2" and made of basswood.
  17. Panels from the Big Lynn Lodge, Little Switzerland, NC

    These panels were a commission for the Big Lynn Lodge, in Little Switzerland, North Carolina…a great place if you are in the area. Some are of Oak and some are of Ash. They measure 3'x5', with the exception of the tree, which is 2'x3'. For this job I paid a friend, Kevin Wadell, furniture...
  18. Second attempt at hand carving (relief)

    Relief carving of roses on a piece of one inch basswood. I have yet to complete the finish on the piece. Once I have it finished, I will install the clockworks. Interestingly enough, I did most of this piece with a flat head screw driver that I filed into a small scoop chisel/carving tool. I...
  19. Jewelry Box with a secret lock system.

    Material: Maple Techniques used: wood carving, relief, pyrography, wood painting, carpentry. Height: 19 cm, Length: 30 cm, Width: 20 cm. Was given to my loved life partner as a birthday gift.
  20. The Old West

    Work In Progress
1-20 of 131 Results