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  1. 3 Landing Nets With Accoutrements

    I posted 3 fly boxes a while back and stated that I needed to try a couple of landing nets. I got inspiration from Greg Madigral (Sierra Nets) and an enormous amount of Pinterest boards. No steaming. I just dry clamped the laminations overnight and glued up the next day. Had to learn paracord...
  2. Power Tools, Hardware and Accessories
    I'm thinking about buying the Dewalt DW717 10" miter saw (compound, db, slider). Been researching it & I see it came out in Sept 2008, so it's been out 10 years. Seems to me like quite a while without an upgraded model. I've read other posts where people listed newer features currently...
  3. Blogs
    The Skateboard Having the pleasure of building at skateboard deck at Roarockit, with Ted and Norah, was just the beginning of my journey with the "Save the Children" challenge. My pleasure turned to great joy when my son was fascinated by the skateboard deck and it became his birthday present...
1-3 of 3 Results