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  1. Gauges - rehandling

    Gauges rehandling I had a couple of gauges that needed new handles. Like the old English style that my others had. So I just had to find some different pieces of wood and tried to make them members of the family. Pictures: 1. My gauges. 2. A piece of beech and a piece of hardwood from a harbor...
  2. Splt Nut Screwdriver

    Here is the test piece for the latest LJ Swap. cherry Handle and repurposed spade bit. More about it here in my blog.
  3. Rehandled Dovetail Saw

    Ok - I'm not sure I'll ever do that again. You guys make it look really easy but damn - getting that blade in the right position and tightened… This is rehandle of a Two Cherries Gents Saw based on a video I saw on youtube (go figure). First, thanks to our friends at Blackburn Tool for the...
  4. Koa inlaid Hammer rehandle

    Video here: Sometimes you end up with your father's tools, and you feel like you should return them in better shape than when you borrowed them 10+ years ago. To that end, let's do a few upgrades to the ol' Stanley. I made this hammer handle and also a 5lb sledge out of the same piece of...
  5. Blogs
    A Borg Backsaw I thought it would be interesting to try another inexpensive build and decided to re-purpose one of the Home Depot Husky 14" backsaws that sell for a little less than $9 USD. Here it is in its natural environment. On first inspection, you see that its made in the USA (from...
  6. Blogs
    Ball-Peen Hammer Upgrade - Need Advice Last Father's Day, I made a set of screwdrivers for my FIL. Well he loved them and so I've decided to make it a tradition every year. So this year I've decided to make him a set of hammers… well sort of. Not "make" but "upgrade". Recently a guy I work...
1-7 of 7 Results